Civil war tents made to replicate tents used during the civil war for reenactment events. No modern hardware. We have wall tents, trader tents and baker tents.


Panther lodge tent is a reenactor wall tent available in all water, mildew and fire treatments


Our standard civil war tent is available in 8x10,10x12,12x14,14x16,16x20 and 16x24 tents.  Available in water and mildew treatments and also fire, water and mildew treatments.


No options available.


Comes standard with stove jack, canvas sod cloth, reinforced ridge, cotton stake loops, double layer of canvas on ridge and flap door.


Trader tents have rollup sides made of 10.1 oz with the same standard features listed for our Civil War tents.


Baker lean to reenactor tent is available in all sizes and treatments.


Diamond shelters available in fire,water and mildew treatments.