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Click TENT WOOD STOVE  to view our complete inventory of our 25  stove models. Our lightweight stoves are shown below.


Click HEAVY TENT WOOD STOVE for very durable long lasting models.


The Wilderness is our best selling model in the square shaped heavy stove. Standard package includes stove, nesting pipe, damper and rain cap.  Deluxe package comes with a grate and water tank in addition to standard package items.


The Yukon is very popular for individuals wanting a heavy cylinder style heavy stove.


Lightweight stoves by their description are made from thin steel.   The lightweight camping stove is just as effective as the heavy stoves in heating a tent. However, not as durable and you will get about half the stove life when compared to a heavy stove.


All collapsible stoves are also considered lightweight and are listed below.  All the collapsible stoves are made of thin metal and are about half the weight of the heavier stoves.


Recommend you read the tent wood stove guide which explains standard features and options. This guide also has a section on thickness of steel by gauge.