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Tent emergency preparedness is necessary to prepare for acts of terrorism, earthquakes, storms and disease epidemics.


Preppers, for your info,  renowned emergency preparedness author Julie Rowe bought her tent from Wall Tent Shop.


We offer canvas tents, tent stoves and other accessories.  For some individuals only a tent stove and window stove jack plate kit is sufficient. However, most individuals buy a tent, stove, tent frame and rain proof tarp/fly to be prepared for any type of emergency for any duration.


Many individuals have limited experience with tents and stoves.  We will gladly answer any questions on wall tents and tent stoves to help you for your emergency preparedness planning.


We offer many different types of emergency preparedness tents. 95 percent of our customers purchased our wilderness tents and wilderness stoves.




Links below are to help you easily find a emergency preparedness tent or tent package that is best for you.


1. Wilderness tent only.  No tent frame or angle kit to make a frame is included.


2. Wilderness tent and angle kit.  Angle kit has the tent frame joints necessary to make a tent frame using steel conduit available at any hardware store.  Detailed angle kit info is at angle kits and angle kit instructions.  We provide a specific cut list instructions with each tent.


3. Wilderness tent and complete Tent FRAME. 


4. Wilderness tent package with tent, rain proof fly/tarp, tent stove and angle kit.


5. Wilderness package with tent, rain proof tarp/fly, tent stove and complete FRAME.


                                                                                                           SEWN IN FLOOR TENTS


Some tent emergency preparedness planners prefer tents with sewn in floors. We offer 2 tents with sewn in vinyl floors, the Selkirk Spike Tent and the Montana Canvas Outfitter.


1. Selkirk spike. Comes in three configurations.

a. Tent only

b. Tent and rain proof tarp/fly.

c. Tent, rain proof tarp/fly and stove.


 2. Montana Outfitter with sewn in floor is a traditional wall tent.

                                                                                                                           EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS STOVES


There are several initial decisions you must decide on before selecting a stove.


Heavy vs Lightweight stoves.  You must decide if you want  heavy stoves that weigh 70 lbs made of  steel or lightweight stoves that weigh under 40 lbs. Naturally, the most durable stove is the heavy stove with the thick metal.


Wood vs Pellet stove- non electric.  Tent pellet stoves require no electricity.  Individuals that have a ready access to wood normally buy a wood stove. Individuals that have limited access to wood or just do not want to store wood will buy tent pellet stoves.  We offer a Riley lightweight pellet stove and the Clarry tent pellet stove. The Clarry pellet stove is much more durable, however, it is considerably more expensive.


I have provided basic stove and tent emergency preparedness information. If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us and we will answer your questions.  Rich