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NO SALES TAX except on products shipped to Idaho.


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 LAYAWAY PLAN- 25% down locks in monthly canvas camping tent special prices.


 Click SPECIALS to view wilderness canvas wall tents for sale on over stock special prices, blemished, demo tents, spike tents, used canvas tents and stoves.


You can buy Montana Canvas Outfitter Tents for sale online with  Free Shipping.  The overall lowest price on the internet.


6 FOOT SIDE WALLS. Available on our best canvas camping tent models and sizes. Limited quantities.


VIEW 50 CANVAS WALL TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, set up and size requirements.


THE BEST GLAMPING TENTS FOR SALE ONLINE.  Six foot sidewalls normally available in all sizes and models. 


 VIDEOS.  On the top menu bar there is a VIDEO TAB on the right side.  We have 16 videos on different tents, stoves and accessories.  I suggest you take the time to view videos on the products you are interested in. These videos were made to show our high quality products and for the customer to be more knowledgeable on specific products before purchasing. I understand how difficult it is for you to purchase a canvas wall tent without touching and seeing it in person.  Hopefully, these videos will help you.  Rich.




For the money, the Wilderness is our best canvas hunting tent for sale on line and also our best canvas winter tent online.  Very tough and reinforced at all stress points. 


 Companies always talk about how strong their canvas is. Our canvas camping tent strength is second to none.  Click to view my canvas strength video where I tie a rope loop to the eave D ring and then I stand on it. I put 200 lbs of pressure on the canvas.  Our Wilderness canvas wall tent for sale is exceptionally strong and durable.


I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU READ our Canvas Wall Tent Info Guide. Guide provides info on 30 topics which assists you in determining correct model, size and recommended accessories.





CALL ME if you need assistance.  We can answer your questions, provide guidance and recommendations.  Rich


OUR GUARANTEE.  Wilderness canvas wall tents are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material. Most other companies only have a 1 year guarantee.  1 year guarantee for commercial use.


 PURCHASING TENT FRAME ANGLE KITS and then purchasing 1” inside diameter, galvanized steel electrical conduit at any hardware store is the most economical approach to purchasing a frame.  Normal savings $250-$450 depending on the size of canvas tent and frame.


Cut list is provided with angle kit.


CLICK FRAME ANGLE KITS  for more info on frame angle kits.






 I DO NOT BUY CANVAS FROM CHINA OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT EVEN THOUGH CHINA HAS THE LOWEST PRICES.  This has been my policy since 2002. China has unfair trade practices, places import restrictions on US products and manipulates its currency for an automatic 20% discount to make their prices much lower than US products taking jobs from our country.

USED CANVAS TENTS: I occasionally get used canvas wall tents for sale, or demos, but not very often.  Be very careful buying a used  canvas tent for sale because sometimes there is really no way to verify the type of canvas or treatment.  On some used canvas tents for sale there are no labels detailing what treatments have been applied to the canvas.


SMALL CANVAS TENTS with stoves are available in 8 x 10 and 10 x 12. These small canvas tents have all the same options as our largest.  Great for one man hunts or for 2 person glamping.




  I purchased a wilderness canvas tent 10 years ago.  My hunting buddies and I use it for 4-6 weeks each year for hunting deer, elk and bears.  Incredibly, my 14 x 16 still looks new.  We have now decided we need a cook tent since our hunting camp has increased by 2 individuals. 


Got everything I ordered ahead of scheduled delivery date.  That is highly unusual these days. Thanks again for such good customer service during ordering and delivery.  Also, thank you for your service to our great country. A fellow veteran.


We purchased a  wilderness 16 x 24 heavy duty canvas tent from you 8 years ago and we love it. We were initially looking for a used canvas wall tent for sale but your prices were so good we bought a new one.  Now, we would like to purchase a 10 x12 for a cook shack.  Mike


First, I wanted you to know that everything we ordered arrived  on time as promised.  The cut list you sent worked out perfectly.  The tent is not only high quality but also beautiful.  Thanks for making this dream come true.   Photos are attached.  Jason 


Just a testament to the quality of your wall tents. The first tent we set up withstood sustained winds of 60 mph with gusts up to 80 mph which snapped some ground anchors.  I couldn't believe the fly could withstand that kind of force. 


I just want to thank you.  My experience with Canvas Wall Tent Shop has been excellent. I picked you because I too am a veteran. I thought I would get a quality product from a fellow veteran and I did. I will be sure to recommend you to all my hunting friends and family. Take care and God bless. Robert  


I have had your canvas tent for 3 years on the shores of Lake Superior.  Quality is outstanding.  I leave it set up year round.   There has not been one issue.  Bill. 422


My order process with Conner was second to none, smooth and easy. I have reviewed your website for the last couple of months pondering on which wall tent size to purchase. Your website speaks volumes of your company especially after speaking to Conner yesterday to place the order with follow up this morning with Tyler. I am very impressed with your company and anxious to receive my tent and get it set up to check it out. My sincere thanks! Dennis 


I just recently purchased my second wall tent from you and would like to thank you for the outstanding service.  But mostly I wanted to thank you for producing such an outstanding product! Both tents are of the highest quality. Each has performed well in conditions many tents would have been lacking.  I have a camp trailer as well and it has its place too.  My favorite set up is using the tent as a base camp hall for friends and family to gather.  Nice warm wood heat and plenty of room to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal during elk season.  Snow, rain or shine, we we always enjoy a wonderful time most dear to us.  Thank you again.  Forrest 


We put up our canvas tent on April 1st with lodge poles on a deck. On the 15th we had the worst snow storm for some years.  Fifteen inches and winds gusting up to 40 mph.  Tent, fly, and all guy ropes gave us no trouble at all even though it sounded like everything would blow away.  Thanks again.  Michael 


 You guys are the best!  I really love that everyone I have dealt with has been professional but more than that, personable.  I was a VP of a very large company and your people are what I strived to hire.  Thank you so much.  Dave


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