Size Ridge Height Water & Mildew Treated and FIRE Resistant Weight Set Up Package (2 uprights, 1 ridge, guy ropes and stakes. No outside wall poles)
10 x 12 8' $655 57 lbs $330
12 x 14 8'4" $835 64 lbs $410
14 x 16 8'9" $1015 95 lbs $490
16 x 20 9'3" $1145 95 lbs $570
16 x 24 9'3" $1300 105 lbs $650

SPECIAL 16 X 20 Water & Mildew treated.  Normal Price $945. $200  reduction.  SPECIAL $745   (1 only)

SPECIAL 14 X 16 FIRE, water, mildew treated. Has stove pipe opening in side wall 30" from front left end and also in standard roof location. Normal Price $1015.  $175 Reduction.  SPECIAL $840  (1 only)


  1. Front and Free back door with storm flap and ties.
  2. Free 5 FOOT WALLS
  3. Free sod cloth - a 10" piece of canvas sewn onto the bottom of the walls. Acts as an air seal and prevents water wicking up the walls.
  4. Free ridge opening, with flap
  5. Free ropes and tensioners
  6. Free tent bag
  7. Free stove jack - cutout to 5" with a stitched in pattern to allow for expansion to 6". Stove jack location left side in roof as entering Wilderness camping tent.
  8. Free reinforced ridge, extra layer of canvas.

The Civil War Tent standard features are normally options on other tents that cost over $200

Civil War Tent additional features:
  • Cotton stake loops on bottom of tent sidewalls.
  • Grommets on each end of tent ridge to secure civil war tent in high winds.
  • Ridgepole opening easily allows for use of wooden ridge pole. Flap covers opening when internal frame used.
  • Reinforced wall corners with extra stitching and extra layer of canvas.
  • Reinforced ridge ends with extra stitching and extra layer of canvas.
  • Double stitched for extra strength. With the Wilderness extra reinforcement throughout, these are exceptional four season tents.
Internal frames made using angle kids.
If your organization allows modern internal steel frames the most economical method is purchasing angle kits and making your own frame from steel 1 inch inside diameter conduit available at all hardware store. View Angle Kits here.


  1. Made of 10.1 oz "Double Fill" cotton - Army Duck
  2. Army Duck canvas Civil War Tents have two threads twisted together to make one single thread making the canvas stronger and more durable. These double threads are woven into canvas both lengthwise and crosswise.
  3. Makes a much tighter weave.
  4. Keeps heat in and moisture out better than other canvas.
  5. Army Duck canvas is more durable and stronger than other canvas material and is used in all high quality winter tents.


  • 10.1 oz Army Duck Double Fill Marine Grad : Each Civil War Tent is treated for mildew and water resistance. Will not shrink more than 1- 2%.
  • 10.1 oz Army Duck Double Fill Marine Grade Fire Resistant: Same as above but also treated to resist fire. Fire resistant civil war tents will only burn if there is a continuous flame against the canvas.