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Rich Tuck, the owner of talks about the new free features and options on his popular Wilderness Canvas Wall Tent.


There is no comparison in price and quality in any canvas tent I have ever seen compared to your Wilderness tent. You definitely have the best wall tents available. Mark

I have a couple outfitter friends and both recommended your outdoor canvas tents for the quality and the additional free features that other companies do not normally include. When outfitters recommend your products, that is good enough for me. I want to order a 16x20. John

I love my canvas tent with stove. Wall Tent Shop has more information on canvas tents with stoves than all the other websites combined. Rich, you and your staff try to help the customer rather than just concentrating on selling your products. That is why I chose you Rich and I knew I would get great products from Wall Tent Shop. Joseph

I have been hunting since I was 10 years old. I am now 47. This is by far the best wall tent I have ever owned. Top quality canvas, reinforced extra layer of canvas at the ridge and eaves. Workmanship and pride in quality of tent is very obvious. Thank you again. Larry.

FEDEX misplaced my package. Instead of waiting for FEDEX to find my lost box you guys sent out another canvas hunting tent immediately to insure I received it before I left for hunting camp. I really appreciate your customer service. I have never been taken care of better. Lewis 620

Would like to provide feedback to Wall Tent Shop on my satisfaction on my 12 x 14 canvas wall tent that I have been using over the last 2 seasons. It has been a game changer and I am loving every minute of it. Sometimes I wished I had gone with a smaller 10 x 12 as I set it up by myself. Mainly because of the weight but it is nice to have the spare bit of room. This last season was the first to set it up on snow and deal with snow throughout the week long hunt. But very comfortable and no issues. I am very pleased, happy and no complaints from my end on the quality of your tent. Fantastic. Regards, Robert.

Dear Wall Tent Shop. I have had a couple of opportunities to use my 12 x 14. I cannot express how much I enjoyed using my tent a month ago. I was able to use it in Vermont and it poured every night. I am happy to say not a single leak and all was dry. Tonight I am camping in my back yard as I have work around the house to do. I have set up the stove as it will get cool in the mid 40's. I will have the damper set low and will be toasty warm. Thank you for a great product. Yours truly, Brian.

I just received my new 16 x 20 canvas tent I ordered from you. I am very surprised and elated how fast you were in sending it out, thank you. Thank you again for being so fast and also the emails from your very professional staff. The emails meant to me that you have a personal interest in your customers and that is very rare these days. Jim. 729

I would like to thank you for the help you provided in explaining to me how things could be set up on a wall tent and how you set up. You were able to give me many ideas and how to make my own frame using steel conduit. With this help everything was easier and better than expected. Before I started talking to you I was looking at purchasing a different product. I am glad I changed my mind as you guys put new meaning to the words customer service and standing behind your product. I have had the tent set up for awhile now and through some very rough storms and I love it. I have a full size queen size air mattress in my wall tent. Also, some basics and all is good. I have attached pictures to show you the set up and where my dog and me spend 5 days a week in it. I just go to town to pick up supplies. Next year I will add solar panels so I can stay out longer and be able to run a small electric cooler. Again, thanks for all your advice. By the way, I was able to use the leftover pipe from buling my tent frame. Some of the attached pictures were taken today in very high winds. 40 mph winds and my wall tent is still standing strong. Jeff



12 oz Canvas? I am often asked if it is best to buy 10 or 12 oz canvas. I prefer 10 oz canvas tents. Some companies will try to upsell the more expensive 12 oz canvas tent, BEWARE. My outfitter customers do not buy 12 oz canvas tents despite using their tents for months in extreme weather conditions. Outfitters tell me the extra cost and extra weight is not worth it. A 10 oz canvas tent with a fly is a a much better system and will last for decades. Howwever, if you need a 12 oz, I sell Montana Canvas 12 oz tents 5% below Montana retail with free shipping. The Montana 12 oz tents are the the best available, top quality with a great warranty for workmanship. Any questions feel free to call us at 866-462-9167.

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YOU CAN PAY 1/4 DOWN and balance within 6 months. Your item will ship when the purchase is paid in full.


NO PAYMENT and IMMEDIATE SHIPPING.  Call for more info on PAYPAL program.


IF YOU FIND A LOWER PRICE for the same product or a very similar product please give us a call, and we will match the price.


VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, canvas tent with stove, set up and size requirements.

 I RECOMMEND YOU CALL, 1 800 234 1150, OR EMAIL ME if you are just starting camping and have questions.  We can provide recommendations and then you can decide what is the best wall tent for you. 

PREPPERS, JULIE ROWE bought her tent at the Tent Shop.
Julie authored A Greater Tomorrow and The Time Is Now.

VIDEOS AVAILABLE. On top menu bar is a VIDEO TAB that has 16 videos showing and explaining our best hunting tents with stoves and accessories. Videos are very detailed and will help show you the quality of our products.

I SUGGEST YOU READ my Canvas Wall Tent Info Guide. It provides much information on 30 different topics that will assist you in selecting the correct canvas wall tent model, size to purchase and recommended accessories.

THE BEST CANVAS TENTS with stove are a necessity during hunting trips and especially in the back country. I live in a canvas tent six to seven weeks a year while hunting elk, deer, and bear in the Idaho Wilderness. All hunting tents and stoves have been thoroughly tested. The wilderness is also the best canvas winter tent online.

THE BEST GLAMPING TENTS FOR SALE ONLINE. 6 foot sidewalls available to give your clients a much more enjoyable glamping experience with the extra 1 foot in headroom along the side walls.

OUR GUARANTEE. All products are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material.

FREE TENT FEATURES. There is no other canvas hunting tent for sale online  that has the Wilderness free standard features, I guarantee it. Free features include  back door or back window, reinforced ridge with an extra layer of canvas, sod cloth, storm flap over door zipper, reinforced eave with webbing and D rings, ridge lodge pole openings, tent bag and stove jack.

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