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 If your tent weighs 150 lbs there is not free shipping as 150 lbs is maximum weight limit for UPS or FEDEX. Shipping will be by truck paid by the customer.


 Any products shipped to an Idaho address must be charged sales tax.


***********IMMEDIATE SHIPPING ************* NO PAYMENT.  Call for more PAYPAL info.

MONTANA CANVAS OUTFITTER WALL TENT IS BY FAR THE MOST POPULAR TENT MADE BY MONTANA CANVAS.  Very tough and durable  that will provide many years of use.

MONTANA CANVAS TENT IS A HIGH QUALITY COMPANY THAT STANDS BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS. Several companies name their tents "Outfitter Tents".  Their outfitter tent is not the same quality. 


Montana Wall Tent Company has some of the best glamping tents for sale online. The Montana glamping tents can be custom-made to meet most requirements.


Canvas hunting tents are also available in the wilderness model.  Sizes range from 8 x 10 to 16 x 24. 


The 18 x 23 Montana tent rafters are 10' 8" long. 

SHIP DATE.  If you are considering a Montana Canvas Tent it should be noted there is normally a 2-3 week minimum delivery time.  Sometimes even a 5-6 week delay occurs during winter months. During late summer and fall the delivery time is up to 4-5 weeks after ordering. 


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 Montana Canvas tents are custom-made one at a time.


 FREE SHIPPING on all Montana Canvas tents and products, including outfitter tents with stove, floor, Montana tent aluminum frame, porches and cook shacks when ordered with a tent.  Free shipping only applies to lower 48 except Outfitter Tents and Glamping Luxury tents weighing more than 150 lbs. 




Rich, thank you for your recommendations.   Relite tent was so much lighter for packing in.  Kept the windows open during the night when we were sleeping.  No condensation.  When it got cold later in the hunt we had zipped windows to the top and had your stove going.  Again, no condensation.  Great tent.  Mark


I have to say Montana Outfitter Tents are very high quality.  Great workmanship and the canvas feels so heavy.  Rained and snowed on us during our elk hunt.  Fly protected the tent, not a leak.  The Wilderness 5 stove burned all night with the tamarack we used.  Still hot coals in the stove when we got up every morning. Thanks for all your recommendations, a great tent and a superb stove.  Charles


What a nice outfitter tent. Best outfitter tents with stove available.  Paraffin treatment on the canvas feels just like the tents I used in the army.  Used the Montana wall tent during my elk and deer hunting trips.  Made both trips very enjoyable.  The Yukon 5 stove kept us warm all night long-just like you said it would.  Thanks again for recommending such a high quality tent.  Jerome 420


 I went elk hunting with a friend last fall.  I was so impressed with his set up I want to buy a Montana canvas tent package just like his.  12 x 14 angle kit for the frame, tan relite fly and a floor.  The wilderness 4 stove he had in his tent was top-notch. Tent was so warm. Erin


My Montana Canvas tent is the best tent I have ever owned.  Made in Montana.  Just absolute great workmanship.  My hunting buddies are very envious.  I am sure at least one will be calling you as you have the best Montana tent prices on the internet.  Especially when you consider  free shipping.  Thanks again for such a quality product.  You guys provide quality customer service.  It was a pleasure dong business with you.


Took my 12 x14 re-lite Montana Canvas elk hunting.  Great outfitter tent.  Easy to pack in on my horse. Nice and light and rolled up very small considering its size. Continually rained on us the entire hunt.  Re-lite tent didn't absorb water like a canvas just like you said. Still light to pack out.  Canvas would have been so much heavier after it had absorbed the rain water. Looking forward to many more elk hunts with this set up.  Thanks again.  Johnny 


                                                                                                              STANDARD CHARACTERISTICS


STOVE JACK with a weather flap in your choice of 4", 5", or 6" opening.

EXTRA LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE and additional reinforcement at the gable ends.






REINFORCED EAVES double layer of canvas.

SIX LAYERS OF CANVAS on end  wall seams -double lock stitched.

REINFORCED WEBBING  at the bottom of each outfitter tent.

WEBBING AT TOP OF DOOR for reinforcement.

A DVD for set up instruction.
                                                                                                 MONTANA CANVAS HAS 3 DIFFERENT MODELS

CANVAS with a paraffin wax water mildew treatment and are also fire treated.
BLEND saves approximately 40% in weight from a standard 10.1 oz Montana Canvas wall tent.  Recommended for individuals who prefer a lighter weight tent or a tent to pack in.

Blend's lighter weight makes the larger tents much easier to transport, set-up and take down.

Roof is made of 10 oz Water, Mildew & Fire Treated: Roof will only burn if there is a continuous flame against the canvas. If you remove the flame source the tent will stop burning. Montana Canvas tent roof has a paraffin water, mildew, fire treatment.

Ends and sidewalls are made of re-lite a synthetic water, mildew fire resistant material.  Available in white, tan or light green.

RELITE is about 65% lighter than a canvas tent.  Polyester based fabric is extremely lightweight, soft, pliable and easy to clean. Tear strength and longevity better than canvas.

Relite is a synthetic fabric and does not breathe.  Using a propane stove or boiling water will cause condensation. A wood  stove helps prevent condensation caused by breathing. Opening a window several inches also prevents condensation.

Relite will not shrink 1-3% like canvas.  Re-lite outfitter tents are much lighter for packing but you must determine if the reduced weight is worth the possibility of condensation inside your outfitter tent.

Re-lite is as strong as canvas and retains heat inside the tent equal to canvas. However, sparks will burn a hole in a re-lite roof much easier than canvas. If you purchase a Montana Canvas re-lite tent I recommend a fly to protect the re-lite roof from sparks.

 Recommendation: Unless weight is extremely critical, I would recommend a blend tent over a re-lite tent if you want to reduce weight. The canvas roof allows the tent to breathe, prevents condensation and reduces the possibility of a spark hole in the roof.



                                                                                                                 BOTTOM LINE: 

Montana Canvas Tents are top quality.  There are very few companies that can match the quality and workmanship. 



MONTANA CANVAS GUARANTEE.   Limited lifetime warranty. Any problems with material or workmanship on outfitter tents will be repaired or replaced without charge.  Item must be returned to Montana Canvas with shipping paid by the customer.  Coordinate any returns prior to shipping.  Warranty only applies to the original customer.  Warranty is not transferable.