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Glamping tents for sale, otherwise described as glamorous camping, for individuals who want to experience camping in luxury.


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It is very difficult to decide which canvas glamping tents to buy.  We have videos on the overall quality of our best glamping tents showing features and also a canvas strength test.  If you have any question on which glamping tent to buy don't hesitate to call or email us.  We have a 2 year guarantee on our products so rest assured we will provide outstanding quality and service.


                                                                                                                 6' SIDE WALLS


6' side walls provide much more headroom and usable tent space. 


Some companies only have 4' 7" sidewalls which severely restricts how much space you can actually use. 


6' side walls is much more impressive to a potential guest when viewing online than a 4' 7" side walls with a low roofline.  Additionally, the guest's initial impression when entering a tent with 6' side walls will be better.


Strongly recommend you ask your suppliers the finished height of side walls so you will not be surprised upon delivery.


6' side wall offer a visually more luxurious appearance to guests when entering the tent. It is similar to when entering a house with 8' ceilings compared to a more luxurious house with 10' ceilings.


Most of my resort customers are now buying the 6' side wall glam camping tents. 


Large glam tents are available up to 16 x 24 in the wilderness model and 18 x 23 in the Montana.  Larger than 18 x 23 can be custom made.


We have some of the best glamping tents available. Click GLAMPING TENTS FOR SALE to view 50 pictures.  Some pictures are glam camping tents and others are hunting or camping that might provide ideas for set up or design.


Some of our best glamping tent pictures are with the lodge pole set up.  Lodge poles provide the rustic look.  If you need assistance with determining lodge pole lengths contact us. 


Accessories and options on glam camping tents include front and back screen doors, front screen door, side windows, backdoors, back windows, floors, extended flys, extended flys, 18" steel stakes, coat racks and wood stoves for winter use.


If you are going to use a metal frame I would suggest using coat racks so your customers could hang coats, umbrellas, hats, binoculars etc. to help keep everything more organized and more enjoyable.


Angle kits are available to make your own steel conduit frames to reduce your costs.  Normal savings making a conduit frame is $250-$400 depending on size of tent.  We provide the cut list and then the customer cuts the conduit.  Normally takes about 1 1/2 hours to cut the frame.  For more information click angle kits.


These luxury tents are available for both the resort owner and for the private individual. We specialize in custom canvas glamping tents that can meet almost any requirement.


Extended 8' flys/tarps to the front make a well-shaded porch area for your guests. 


The 8' extended fly is the most popular glamping option requested.  Allows guests to sit outside protected from the sun and rain to better enjoy their glamping experience. 

 Both the Wilderness and Montana glam camping tents have a 6" opening just below the ridge on both ends to allow use for a lodge pole frame as depicted in several of the photos.


Stoves are available in 12 different models if winter camping is conducted.    

Feel free to call, 1-800-234-1150,  or email us if you have any questions on glamping tents, options available and delivery times.