You've Just Placed Your Order - Now What?

Congratulations! You have just purchased the best canvas wall tent for sale online, now what?  Here are a few steps that will assure the process goes smoothly.


You will first want to double check your receipt. 

Purchasing a wall tent is a large investment that we take seriously and we want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  There are a plethora of options on our site and when shopping around it can get confusing with the varying options and verbiage associated with wall tent or canvas tent terms.  If we took your order over the phone, please have a look at your receipt after we email it to you.  If you placed your order online, please double check your confirmation or give us a call to review what you have purchased.  As we aim to get your wall tent to you as fast as we can, it is imperative that we have it packed up correctly.  We ship very quickly, sometimes the same day you place the order, so we want to make sure we have it right!  The cost of exchanging is well, costly, so first time accuracy is our goal.


Keep an eye out in your email for your FedEx tracking information. 

 All items that leave our warehouse will ship Via FedEx Ground.  As we keep all packages under 150 lb., they will be arrive and be delivered the same as if you ordered a new pair of shoes.  Due to the value of your products, we do require an Indirect Signature, which means anyone at the residence can sign for the package.  Some FedEx contractors will even allow you to leave a signed note on your door if you are not going to be home.  If you are not home at the time of your shipment, FedEx will leave a door tag for you to sign and will return the following business day.  At times, the FedEx system does not correctly relay the tracking information to you, so if you do not receive it the day your item ships, give us a call and we will get this information to you.


Keep an eye out in your email for your cut list and other information.  

We aim to email your cut list to you on the day your canvas tent ships.  Due to times of high volume, this sometimes comes the next day.  At times, this cut list will bounce into your junk or spam folder, so if you do not see it, make sure to have a look there.  We will also email you instructions on how to use your ropes and tensioners, stove set-up instructions, and other pertinent information related to your wall tent purchase.


Once your items arrive, cross reference them with your receipt.  

We do not send a packing list with your shipment, so you will want to check what you receive against your emailed receipt.  If you notice something is incorrect or missing, please let us know within 2 weeks so we can get it exchanged or replaced.


Lastly, get outside and enjoy your wall tent!

Folding Your Canvas Tent

Picture this - you just finished up a fun-filled weekend with family and friends and it is time to put your tent away.  You remove your tent from the frame and are left with a have a huge pile of canvas that is definitely not going to fit back into the bag you took it out of without being rolled-up properly.  Where do you start? How do you do this? Well, in this blog I am going to explain how to accomplish this.

You will want to get your canvas tent spread out on the ground with the roof facing down (in contact with the ground - almost like your tent is upside down).  During this step you may want to put a spare tarp or your floor underneath your tent to keep excess dirt, leaves, or moisture off of your roof.  Pull each of the four corners of the roof tight so that the entire surface area of the roof is spread out.

Once the roof is spread out, fold your walls and doors back onto the roof of the tent in the most neat and orderly way possible.  This is easier said than done, so it may take a few attempts before perfecting this technique.  You are trying to accomplish having only the footprint of the roof spread out on the ground with the doors and walls folded back in on the tent.  Your goal here is to make everything as flat as possible.

This next step is easier with a partner: You are going to take the tent and fold it 1 time widthwise - this would be like taking a square tortilla and folding it in half.  If your tent is a 14x16, you will fold it to make it 8' wide by 16' long.  You will want to continue completing folds widthwise until your canvas is in the 2-3' width x 16' length range. 

Once within this size range, you will want to fold your tent 1 time lengthwise, stopping about 1' short of a complete fold.  You will want to stop about 1' short so that when rolling the tent up the top layer of your folded tent doesn't roll past the bottom layer and make an awkward roll.  From here, you will start at the folded crease and roll towards the end.  To get a tighter roll, you will want to place a good amount of your body weight on the tent to assure your tents stays compact.  

Once you have reached the end of your tent your mission is complete!  Tie a rope around your tent, place it in your tent bag, and you are done!

Donation for Veterans

We here at the Wall Tent Shop strive to support non-profit organizations that benefit veterans as often as we can.  Although we cannot fulfill every request, we do our best to assist numerous veterans in their outdoor pursuits each year.  Below is an example of a request we received and we were able to fulfill this year.

Foothills Anglers Coalition is a non-profit organization that helps seriously wounded veterans with their recovery from the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. Together with Horseshoe Bar Preserve we bring veterans together to teach them how to fly fish. Each veteran that attends is given boots , waders, rod and chest pack with all the tools and flies they will need to continue on with fly fishing. The veterans live on the river for 5 days where each veteran works with a guide to learn fly fishing. We are recognized by numerous government and organization for being extremely successful in help our veterans recover. We are looking for two 10' x 12' canvas wall tents for veterans to sleep in while they attend the event. We have a very limited budget so we are hoping you might be able to help us acquire these tents. The tents will be used from late spring through fall. There is possible rain but once summer is here the biggest problem is heat.

You are welcome to take a look at this short video of what we do.

Thank you for your consideration,

Thomas Bartos - President - Foothills Anglers Coalition


In response to our actions, here's what Mr. Bartos had to say leading up the event:



We want to express our sincere thanks for your donation of a 10x12 canvas wall tent for our Wounded Veterans event. We really appreciate your generous donation and will acknowledge your donation at the event to everyone who attends.

We will send you pictures once we set it up, as well as, during the event. 

Thanks again for your generous donation.

Kindest regards,

Thomas G.M. Bartos
Horseshoe Bar Fish & Game Preserve, Inc.
Foothills Anglers Coalition, Inc


We would like to thank Mr. Bartos and his organizations for allowing us to be a part of his event!