The Best Wall Tent Money Can Buy

When the fire is dying down, and there are only coals left under what was a roaring flame, you want to retreat into a tent that is comfortable and homey.  Why not retreat into one of the best canvas tents for sale

The philosophy behind our wall tents is simple: use the best materials, produce the highest-quality product, provide the best customer service, and support the tent lifestyle.

We love everything there is to do with tents, and we hope you do too.  They let you explore the great outdoors in ways that you've never been able to before.  In short, they allow you to live in the world, rather than pass through.  But what sets the canvas wall tents we sell online apart from their nylon counterparts?

The Wall Tent Difference

Camping, in a lot of ways, in now seen as a luxury experience for people who like to live a life close to nature.  It's a getaway from the noise, and it's a place for relaxation and leisure.  While you can get this sensation sleeping out in a traditional tent, why not amplify the experience with a wall tent?

Wall tents give you the ability to customize your tenting experience to your liking and create a living and working base of operations no matter the activity you plan on doing during your camping adventure.  All of our tents and their features can be customized to your liking.  The thing with a wall tent is that it doesn't always feel like camping.  It feels like a home, and that's the feeling we hope to convey no matter the reason you're out in nature.

Your Everything Tent

Are you shopping for a tent that you can use for all of your camping outings?  One of our canvas wall tents is what you need.  Not only will this high-quality tent last you for years, but it will also be able to be used in a wide range of settings, any time of the year.  You can use our tents for:

  • Hunting Trips
    • If you're looking for a canvas hunting tent for sale online, then look no further.  Our Wilderness Hunting Tents are made to last, so that's why we guarantee them for two years for workmanship and materials.
  • Fishing Getaways
    • Fishing trips can often require a base of operations to do your cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and to depart from on your trips into town for worms.
  • Winter Camping
    • We have the best winter tents online, and our customers have even said so.  If you want a tent that can withstand heavy snow and powerful winds, you've found the right one.
  • Glamping

We hope that our tents are your home away from home -- no matter where you want to settle down (or for how long).  Our canvas is sure to keep you dry, and our tent stoves will always keep you warm.

It's Not Only About The Tent

Think of your wall tent like a s'more.  If the tent is the graham cracker, then the additional features are the marshmallow and chocolate.  Sure, the graham cracker is ok by itself, but you're not eating a s'more.  We give you the options to customize your tent to your liking when you're shopping with us online, making that s'more all the tastier.  So what are your options?

Customizable features include:

  • Flys and Extended Flys
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Canvas Treatment
  • Stoves

Buy Your Ticket to the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is calling, and when you're shopping online for a high-quality wall tent to take on your excursion, you need to look no further.  Our tents, no matter which you choose, will let you do more of what you love.  When you want to buy a Canvas Wall Tent online, start with us.

Ready to take the wall tent journey?  Call us or view our Canvas Tent for more information.


The Outfitter Tent of your Dreams: Our Montana Canvas Tents

Many people, as they are searching for the right wall tent for them, find that they have many options when it comes to the tents they can purchase online.  From nylon tent to our very own canvas hunting tents for sale online, choosing the right tent comes down to the individual, his or her needs, and the way that person wants to use the product he or she purchases.

Chances are, if you've made it to the website, you're sold on purchasing a wall tent from our company.  So what's the best wall tent material to buy?  Some say it's Montana Canvas.

What is a Montana Canvas Tent?

Montana Canvas prides itself on being the highest-quality canvas your money can buy.  With a dedication to materials and craftsmanship, Montana Canvas creates some of the toughest wall tents out there, made to last you for many years.

Our Montana Canvas Tents

We like Montana Canvas.  Not only do they provide a high-quality product, but they also stand behind it.  Out of all of the Montana Canvas tent we offer online, the Montana Canvas Outfitter wall tent is, by far, the most popular tent we offer.  It's tough, durable, and will provide many years of us to those who purchase it.

Many other manufacturers offer "Outfitter Tents", but don't be fooled -- they are nowhere near the quality of a Montana Canvas Outfitter Tent.

What Makes Up a Montana Canvas Tent?

Many Montana Canvas tents are defined by the same features.  These include:

  • Heavy paraffin wax coating for fire, water, and mildew treatment.
  • Stove jack (include weather flap with choice of 4", 5", or 6" opening).
  • Additional layer of canvas at the ridge.
  • Extra reinforcement at the gable ends.
  • Tent bag.
  • Ropes and Tensioners.
  • 5' Sidewalls.
  • Sod cloth.
  • Zipper door.
  • Storm flap with buckles.
  • Reinforced eaves double layer of canvas.
  • Six layer of canvas on end wall seams (double lock-stitched)
  • Reinforced webbing at the bottom of each outfitter tent.
  • Webbing at the top of the door for reinforcement.
  • DVD for set-up instruction.

Types of Canvas Available for Montana Canvas Wall Tents

When you choose a Montana Canvas Tent, you have three options for canvas.  They include the following:

  • Canvas: The standard canvas is heavy duty and has a paraffin wax water, mildew, and fire treatment.
  • Blend: A blend Outfitter Tent weighs about 40% less than a standard Montana Canvas wall tent, making larger tents easier to transport.  The roof is water, mildew, and fire treated.  The ends and sidewalls are made of Relite - a lightweight synthetic in tan.
  • Relite: Relite is about 65% lighter than a canvas tent.  it is a synthetic blend that does not breathe, which means condensation can be caused by heat sources.

At Wall Tent Shop, we always suggest that our customers, if they want a reduced-weight outfitter tent, should turn to the blend, rather than Relite, as Relite burns much more easily (even if a spark hits the roof) and can cause condensation due to lack of breathability in the roof.

Purchasing and Shipping Your Montana Canvas Tent

Our Montana Canvas tent are 5% below retail prices, have no sales tax, and FREE shipping, but there are a few caveats.  These include:

  • Free shipping only applies to the lower 48.
  • No free shipping on tents that weigh over 150 lbs. (Max weight for UPS/FedEx)
  • Idaho residents must pay sales tax.

When will my items ship?

Montana Canvas Tents generally have a 2 - 3 week minimum delivery time.  Shipping of these items can take up to 5 - 6 weeks.

What is covered under the free shipping costs?

We offer FREE shipping on all Montana Canvas and products, including:

  • Outfitter Tents with Stove
  • Floors
  • Montana Tent Aluminum Frame
  • Porches and Cook Shacks (when ordered with a tent)

Using Your Montana Canvas Wall Tent

Montana Canvas Tents are custom made on at a time.  Because of their high quality and durability, Montana Canvas' products easily lend themselves to the glamping industry.  Many have said that the are one of the best glamping tents for sale online.  If you purchase your Montana Glamping Tent through us, it can be custom-made to meet almost any requirements.

Canvas hunting tents are also available in the Wilderness Model.  Sizes range from 8x10 to 16x24.

Buy a Montana Canvas Tent Today!

The bottom line is this: Montana Canvas wall tents are among the best canvas tents for sale.  That's why we offer a Montana Canvas guarantee:

Every Montana Canvas Wall Tent we sell  comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  This warranty covers any issues with the material or craftsmanship on outfitter tents, repairing or replacing them without charge.

The item needing repair or replacement must be returned to Montana Canvas with shipping paid by the customer.  We urge anyone using the warranty to coordinate any returns prior to shipping.  The warranty is non-transferrable and only applies to the original customer.

Invest in a tent from a company that will last you a lifetime.  Choose Wall Tent Shop.  Choose Montana Canvas.


Stay Warm and Dry: The Leading Canvas Winter Tents

Camping, hunting, and hiking can be fun any time of the year if you've planned your trip correctly.  If you've planned a nature excursion during the winter months, you need a tent that can withstand harsh conditions, work hard, and keep you warm -- and a canvas winter tent could be exactly what you need!

What Makes a Good Canvas Winter Tent?

A quality winter tent will do two things well:

1.  Provide shelter from the elements.

2.  Offer robust structure and craftsmanship

When you're looking to buy a cold weather tent online, Wall Tent Shop has the best product for your money.

We encourage everyone to think twice before going on a winter camping trip with a nylon tent.  While these tent can work, they don't have the structural integrity, ability to defend against the elements, or ability to house a stove.  Should you choose to place a stove inside a nylon tent, sparks could easily fly out and burn the roof.

Our Canvas Winter Tents

We have the best cold weather tents for sale online.  Our cold weather tent can withstand extreme temperature and high winds, and provide sound structure eve under the weight of snow.  Despite the strength of the canvas we use, we recommend using rafters to increase the overall integrity for your canvas winter tent.

If you're planning on leaving your cold weather camping tent up during the winter, we recommend that you place steel rafters every two feet and placing a fly over the roof.  The rafters will help the tent handle heavier snow loads, and the fly will allow for snow and water to run off more easily than off of a canvas roof, and will protect from sparks that may come from the stove.

Regardless of the type of tent you purchase, you must purchase a canvas winter tent that come equipped with a stove vent (stove jack).

Winter Tents with Wood Stoves: Staying Warm

Even though our canvas is durable enough to defend against harsh wind, you need a winter tent with a wood stove to keep you warm.  At Wall Tent Shop we offer 35 wall tent stoves in various sizes and models.  Many people have questions when it comes to picking the right stove for them.  Here are some FAQs about our winter tent stoves.

What stove is right for me?

When you're hunting or camping in cold weather tents, you need a stove that is specifically designed for the size of your tent and for your individual temperature requirements.  When choosing a stove, consider:

  • How cold your trip will be
  • The weight and size of a stove (for transportation)
  • Burn time requirements for night

One of our winter tents with a wood stove will keep you warm all night long.  It'll even dry out all of your clothes.  I normally recommend buying a stove that is one size larger than you predict needing.

How can I avoid starting a fire?

Don't put more wood in it than you need to keep warm.  If it ever get really cold when camping, you will be able to add more wood to stay warm and comfortable.

Never put a stove directly on top of a canvas or vinyl floor.  We recommend placing a fireproof mat under the stove when used in any canvas winter tent.  Additionally, you may add a fireproof heat shield to the side wall frame for extra fire protection.

Can my tent house a wood stove?

When you're purchasing a tent for winter camping or hunting, ensure you purchase a canvas winter tent that has a stove vent.  This will allow you to install a wood stove for heat.  Even if you don't anticipate using the stove often, making sure you have a tent that is set up for this type of use will enable you to go on these types of excursions later, should you change your mind.  It'll also be much easier to sell a canvas winter tent with a wood stove vent if you decide to give up camping in extreme weather.

Should I use a propane stove?

A propane stove is not as safe as a wood stove.  Every year, campers and hunters die in their sleep due to propane leaks.  In fact, owner of Wall Tent Shop, Rich Tuck, had his own run-in with using a propane stove years ago.  He woke up to a gas leak in the middle of the night, but, had he not, it is possible that he would not be here today.

Buy the Best Cold Weather Tent Today!

At Wall Tent Shop, we have the best canvas tents for sale online.  On our website you can:

We pride ourselves in helping you get ready to camp in winter weather, and want to be available to answer any questions you may have in your tent buying process.  That being said, if you need anything, like a canvas winter tent, or you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to call 800-234-1150.