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Tent camping gear includes 50+ accessories.


These canvas tent accessories are designed to make your camping experience more organized, more efficient, and more enjoyable.


I have used  all the tent camping gear and accessories listed below.  If you have a question on any of any our accessories, just give us a call and we help you.  Rich



These accessories are offered at reduced price when ordering with Wilderness Tent, Wilderness Stove, Yukon Stove and Selkirk Spike Tent. Reduced price accessories are listed at bottom of accessory photos.    


   Stove Fire Mat   (protects floor under stove)


   Heat Shield    (protects wall near stove from excessive stove heat)


5" IN LINE SPARK ARRESTOR The In-Line Spark Box is designed to have a spark arrestor in the pipe just above the stove.  Prevents almost all ash and sparks from going up a stove pipe and onto tent roof.  You can clean your spark arrestor daily without having to take down all of your stove pipe. Highly recommended!  This makes life a lot more enjoyable when camping.  Rich


   Frame Bags   (makes storing poles and transporting poles much easier)


   Coat Racks    (great for keeping tent organized)


   Frame Leg Anchors   (can be used for tents on platforms or regular camping)


   Rubber Bottom Caps for Tent Leg Poles  (protects sod cloth and prevents dirt or mud from getting in bottom of legs)


  1/2" Rebar Tent Stakes  (strongest stakes available, much stronger than large nails that some companies provide)