All demos and blend items are listed below.                                                                                         

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16 x 24 FRONT & BACK SCREEN DOORS - WILDERNESS SPECIAL - 5' WALLS.  Same price as 16 x 20 Front & Back Screen Door. $175 savings. Can be combined with packages. CALL TO ORDER.


SPECIAL: 14 x 14 water and mildew treated, front and back screen doors, 2 side windows. $100 off. Discount can be combined with spike tent packages. CALL TO ORDER.


                                                                                             WILDERNESS TENTS



Currently none available.




10 x 12 Fire, water & mildew treated. Front & Back Screen Doors, 2 side windows. 3 inch cut with patch on roof. Included with tent is a 10 x 12 fly.  Normal price for tent and fly $960.  SPECIAL $815

14  x 16 FIRE, water & mildew treated with Back Window and FLY.  Off square.  Set up once.  Normal price for tent and fly $1170.  SPECIAL $800

 16 x 20 FIRE, water & mildew treated. Front & Back Screen Doors, 2 side windows and FLY. Off square. Set up once. Normal price for tent and fly $1575. SPECIAL $1000


                                                                                       SELKIRK SPIKE TENTS 

 (1) We have a 10 x10 Selkirk Tent, water mildew treated that was made without the inverted T zipper on the canvas door.  Screen Door has correct inverted T zipper and is totally bug proof.  

These tents are not totally bug proof unless the screen door is zipped..

10 x 10 without the inverted T canvas door zippers are being sold at same price as a normal Selkirk without screen doors. $650.  A savings of $140.  Call to order.

(2) 10 x 10 FIRE, water, mildew treated Front & Back Screen Doors.  No floor.   $790  Discount of $150 by having no floor.

                                                                     WILDERNESS TENT STOVE