canvas tents
Size Water & Mildew Treated Fire, Water & Mildew Treated
10x10 Reg $150   Special $120 Reg $180  Special $150
12x12 Reg $195   Special $150 Reg $245  Special $185
14x14 Reg $225   Special $175 Reg $285  Special $215
16x16 Reg $280    Special $205 Reg $350  Special $250

Diamond shelters available in 5 sizes. 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 14 x 14, 16 x 16, and 20 x 20.

All Diamond shelter canvas is water & mildew treated with an added option of Fire treatment.

12 oz army duck, double filled. Highest quality canvas made.

A diamond shelter can be made in many configurations using rope and trees. However, a pole in the front can also be used with rope.

The diamond shelter is a square piece of canvas that has reinforced corners with grommets at the corners. There are additional grommets between the corners.

There is no grommet in the center of the diamond shelter, however, our dining  fly has a grommet in the middle.

 Dining Fly and the diamond shelter are exactly the same except dining fly has the center grommet. 

NO tie strings are included with the Diamond Shelter.

If you plan on taking the diamond shelter on hiking trip you might want a smaller model due to weight. At a camp site a larger one is recommended.

The downside of a diamond shelter is that 1 side is open to the elements. Not a good shelter during inclement weather or if you are camped in area with many bugs.