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Click CAMPING WOOD STOVE to view 35 models to meet any stove requirement.


Camping wood stoves for sale include heavy and lightweight models.  Heavy models are recommended for strength and durability.


Portable wood stoves listed below are all collapsible stoves. Collapsible stoves are at bottom of page.


If you are searching for a lightweight stove that does not collapse, click lightweight stoves.  We have 2 brands available.


My best lightweight portable wood burning stove is the Riley portable wood camping stove .  The Riley colt and larger stoves have double side walls making it more durable.


If you are searching for a heavy wood stove that does not collapse, click heavy stoves. We have 6 brands available. 


The heavy stoves can  also be used as a portable wood camping stove for camping.  Weights vary from 50-80 lbs depending on their size. One person can handle the heaviest stove but it is difficult.  Two people carrying a heavy portable wood stove for a camping or hunting trip is no problem.


If you are searching for a portable pellet stove, click tent pellet stove


I recommend you read our camping wood stove info guide that explains standard features and options on tent stoves.


Portable wood camping stoves generally include every type of stove that can be used in a tent.  These tent stoves all can be transported by 1 or 2 people.


Collapsible stoves are not airtight by their design.  As the collapsible stove are used these stoves become less airtight as the metal "moves" during heat. The sliding metal parts just don't fit together as tightly after extended use. 


Collapsible stoves saves space compared to a non collapsible stove.  However, remember the stove pipe does not fit inside the collapsible stove.