Canvas Tent & Tent Stove Testimonials

I love my wall tent.Worth every penny. Your shop is the way to go. Thanks guys for an exceptional quality tent.


"I've had the tent up all winter several miles out of Fernwood, Idaho. All I ended up doing was adding three 4x4 8 foot beams to reinforce the center support. I had over a foot of snow on it at one point this winter. I do make it out every weekend to get the snow off, but regardless, it handled some impressive snow loads. Anyway, the tent is awesome.” -Daniel

Beautiful set up of our tents by Collective Retreats.

Enjoyed staying in one of your tents on a recent elk hunt in Wyoming. Thanks for making a sturdy, warm tent. I will recommend your products to everyone! Thanks,



I received the 10 x 12 wilderness tent that I ordered within two weeks of ordering which is an excellent turnaround time considering I live in northern Manitoba.

Awesome tent!

I followed the cutting instructions on your website for cutting the frame pieces, set it up in the back yard to let it shrink and it worked out great. Your video says it takes two people 45min to set up. Once my spot was clear of twigs, etc. it actually only took two of us 30 min.

I spent almost four weeks in it elk hunting and then a couple of days later it was set up for a week of moose hunting. I left the tent set up over a couple of weeks so I could go back in for a couple of days to hopefully fill my tag. The attached pictures were taken Oct. 9, 2016. This is moose hunting in northern Manitoba.

Please feel free to use these comments and photos on your website. Great product and I have been recommending it.

Brian Broesky Gillam,

"I just thought I would send a picture of the wilderness wall tent you sold me all set up! I built the frame to the dimensions you provided after I measured the tent and it went up without a hitch. It's going to sit here through mid-December and I have no worries about the tent. I am happy with the stitching and tie down loops and am glad you convinced me to go with this tent. I used a wilderness stove I bought from you last year and can really get it cooking in here. Can't wait for elk season in December! Thanks again.” John- Lewiston Idaho
"Here is some pictures from fish camp in a old growth forest on the west coast Vancouver island."
Happy Canadian customer sent nice pictures of our Wall Tent. Looks like they are getting a lot of mileage out of their purchase. Thank you, Rick.

To all the folks at the Wall Tent Shop. With a big thanks to Gary!

We got our 10x 12 tent just in time for our camping trip, thank you so much for your help in getting it to us so we could go. It was even better than I expected in quality and ease in set up than described on your website. Thank you also for helping me with the sizes of the poles, it was a breeze to make them after you told me which sizes to cut. We had so much room, we had 2 queen size and one twin air mattress and still had room for another twin. The extended fly was a great addition, we had our table set up and a trunk and one bag of dirty cloths out in the extension. It worked great. Had one morning of light rain, I sat in the extension and just relaxed and watched the rain. Also wanted to thank you for the advice on tent stakes, using 12 inch rebar stakes made the one day of 30 MPH wind gusts no problem, the tent never moved an inch. My in laws came and said what sizes do these all come in, we might want to get one too. Took 3 of us about 40 mins to get it set up and completely staked down. Tear down took about 20. I expect after we get more experienced set up time will drop to 30 mins or less.

Best Regards to all of you at the Wall Tent Shop and feel free to send anyone in the Midwest my contact info. Heck if they live nearby they can come look mine over. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great quality and durable tent to buy from you guys! The customer Service you give is hard to find!

Garrett, Lansing KS
"Thanks guys for an awesome tent. And even better service." Brock

"I love our spike tent we bought from you in September. We also have a 17 x 20 wall tent we've had for years I made the ridge pole myself (animals included ) and the combo stove / oven, we can bake pies bread etc. in the oven. It also serves as a spark arrestor. Thanks again for a great product!"

"And it's true- Best tent on the market."
Thanks for a great product...again! We love the size difference from the 14x16 we owned.

Chris Proctor
In Upstate NY
Hi, I bought three of your Wilderness Wall Tents last year and a porch and stove. I also just ordered a wilderess 5 stove. Here are pictures of your wall tent with a moose Photography hunt from last fall, 2013. My business name is Canoe the Wild  and we offer canoe trips in Maine and Canada.

Fishing for trophy brook trout and moose hunting including photo hunts in Maine from remote outpost campsites.

Dave Conley
Peter from Toronto, Canada, sent us a nice email with a series of images. "Last year I bought one of your 14 by 16 tents with the extended fly. I built a platform for it and furnished it almost entirely from IKEA. It’s meant as a 3 season escape. I absolutely love the tent, the quality and the features are fabulous. Here the setup is almost complete.

But this past thanksgiving a tree fell onto the tent. It landed on the front half and squashed the couch, bent about half the EMT poles and made a right mess. The fly had many of the D rings pull out and one large tear so it is not repairable. The tent however had only one tear on a door seam. I'm having that repaired right now by a company in Toronto that makes custom canvas sail boat covers/awnings/sails. It’s amazing how little damage was done to the tent. I thought I’d share some of the pictures with you to show a couple of things. Even though the poles were made into spaghetti, the welded angles you supplied were not damaged at all, they stood up great. There was enough force to pull on the frame and bend about half of the poles and there was only one tear along a seam, that’s truly incredible. I'm really happy with how well it survived.

Thanks for making such a quality product. I'm anxious to get it all set up again.
September 19th, 2013

Just wanted to say thank you all so very much. This is our first tent and the time you spent on the phone to assist me in picking the right one for my husband and I was so greatly appreciated. It became our home for 9 days during 1st Rifle Season last year in Colorado.

The weather was so variable but we were warm, cozy, and dry through the rain, sleet, and snow. We are looking forward to many years of use and can't wait to buy another one when our children/grandchildren begin to join us!

- Jake and Debbie, California
Just a little note regarding a tent I just purchased from you guys. Took my 14+12 Wilderness tent on an Elk hunt. It worked great despite the rain we had every day. Lots of room and easy to set up. Should have had one long ago. Very happy with it.

Thanks again.

Oh yeah, bagged a 350 in Elk. The first time we took our boys (tenting and hunting that is) and they really enjoyed it.


Hello friends this is Chase from British Columbia.

I wanted to show you guys how I was living for 2 and a half months through out the winter...

I had a blast doing it. Also that will not be the last time. I am also planning a trip to Tofino and am going to set it up on the beach!

So if you want, I will send more photos... any whoo - hope you like the pictures.



I just purchased a 16 x 20 wall tent on 7/11/11.

Tent looks great. See pictures. We can't wait to get out west this fall.



I bought a tent from you last December and finally got the frame made and the tent set up, it sure looks great. I'm pleased with the tent, very well made, best I've seen for the price, just wanted to let you know. I have no problem sending anyone your way who may be looking for a new wall tent.

Al Hall


I am sending some photos of the tent showing the fly set up. They might be helpful to show folks how to do it. Keith (MOSKOW)

Moskow Linn Architects Inc. t: 617 292-2000 ex. 28 


 I was the envy at hunting camp.  My hunting friends' canvas tents could not compare with my wilderness tent,  quality or price.  My friends are buying their next tent from Wall Tent Shop. Thanks again for all the assistance provided by everyone at Wall Tent Shop. George.

 I saw your wilderness tent and stove at a trail head and was really impressed with the quality of your tent and stove.  I wrote down your phone number on the tent.  I want to order a Wilderness 14 x16 and wilderness stove.  Henry

I bought your wilderness tent and used it last elk season.  Two hunters came by to look at my tent.  I told them it was a great tent and they agreed after I showed them all of your standard features.  Later on a game warden came  by and he also wanted to look at my tent. You should be getting a few more sales from impressed hunters and the game warden. Gary

Thank you for shipping my new stove the day I ordered it for my elk hunt.  You saved my elk hunt. My elk hunt will be warm and cozy thanks to you guys. Thanks again.  Tim

We received the Wilderness Tent yesterday and set it up. WOW! We're impressed. The quality is top notch. Every feature is nice to have and well thought out. Well done. - Randy

I picked you Rich because of the information you had on your web site. Info was appreciated and I bought a great tent from you. - Harry

Rich, I truly appreciate your great service. Anytime I buy from an unknown source I am a little leery. You are obviously a first rate guy. I will gladly recommend you to my friends. - Gary

Very impressed with the the tent. My friends could not believe the quality. I will be buying more " items " from you. Mark

Great Tent. I really enjoy it. I will get many years of use from this spike tent because it is high, high quality. Thanks again Rich for helping me on my first tent purchase. Bill

Spike 12 x 12 tent and stove package works great.  The Yukon 4 is an awesome stove.  Heated the tent easily.  Great to finally have warm tent at night. Peter

Just wanted to say thank you all so very much.  This is our first tent and the time you spent on the phone to assist me in in picking the right one for my husband was so greatly appreciated.  Jake and Debbie

This year we bought a 16 x 24 with the screen doors.  I called you to tell you this is a great tent.  Next year we will be buying another wilderness wall tent. Jim 

Used my wilderness canvas tent last elk season.  Had snow or rain almost daily.  Not the most enjoyable weather to hunt in.  However, the tent and Yukon 5 stove worked great.  Yukon 5 stove burned all night.  Clothes and boots were completely dry each morning.  Thanks again for a great hunting set up. Will

Received my tent package with the tent, stove, fly and angle kit.  Your recommendations were much appreciated.   Buying the package made it much easier for me to decide what I actually needed.  Adding the floor and extended fly made camping much more enjoyable.  Rick

 A little note regarding a tent I just purchased from you guys.  Took my 12 x14 Wilderness tent on an elk hunt.  It worked great despite the rain and snow we had every day.  Elk Hunter.

The Wilderness 5 tent stove is the best stove I have ever seen.  Thick metal and quality construction. Kept me warm all night in 20 degree weather.  Thanks, Herman.

I like all the standard features you include in your stove packages.  Other companies tried to sell me a wire mesh spark arrestor that was not included with the stove.  Your Yukon stove package had a rain cap & spark arrestor included.  Your rain cap spark arrestor is so much better than wire mesh, plus it was included for free.  Thanks for a great stove. Jim

Calling back to tell you how much I like your Wilderness stove.  Thank you for such a high quality stove.  Your website was so informative and helped me make the right decision to buy from Wall Tent Shop.  Elliott

 Thank you for the outstanding and quick service. I received my tracking number within 2 days of ordering. My canvas tent was everything you advertised. I am glad I made a decision to do business with Wall Tent Shop. Timothy

Good Afternoon. I just wanted to let you know your wilderness tent worked great. Kept us warm and dry! Plenty of room, glad we went with the one size larger you recommended. The hunt was very successful. Thanks again. Larry

The Wilderness package was a great deal. Your recommendations helped me buy everything I needed for camping the first time. I didn't have to buy some items later, calling back, saying I forgot to buy this or that. Furthermore, it was nice to deal with only one company as you have every tent and stove option and accessory available. Thanks! Harry

Your package prices and quality are the best on the internet. I know this because I checked out all the other tent and stove companies on the internet before deciding to purchase from your company. After reviewing all the other websites for weeks I just kept coming back to the Tent Shop. Thanks for the best prices. Ben

Rich, I just wanted to email and say thanks for all your help in deciding what to buy. Being a first time tent buyer was very difficult trying to decide what to purchase. Your info guides and videos provided so much information and were so very helpful. No other company on the internet provides as much detailed info as you do. When I called your staff was great to work with and answered all my questions. Thanks for a great product and helping me. Leo

I love this tent. I set it up inside my house to take a good luck at it. Looks great. But I made the wife mad when I set it up in the house. I asked why in the house. He said, he didn't want the dog pissing on it outside. Too nice of a tent. We had a good laugh over that comment. Darren

 So happy with the wilderness canvas tent.  High quality.  Looking forward to many more trips.  My wife calls it," The Tent Lodge".  Thanks again for you answering my questions and guiding me in the right direction to what is best for me. 

 Thanks much for your service and professionalism.  Nice to know there are still some good people around.  Richard

  I saw your Wilderness canvas tent at a campground.  Your customer was so proud of it.  He was so excited to show me all the free features and reinforcement.  Now, I want to order a complete package like his, canvas tent, stove, frame, tarp fly and floor.  Gene

 I own a campground and have bought many of your tents over the years.  I am expanding and need 4 more.  Thanks for selling a great product at a reasonable price. Robin

 The wilderness tent is great.  It is so warm with the Wilderness 5 stove especially with 6 inches of snow on the ground. Bill

I would like to thank you. Couldn't be more pleased with my Wilderness tent. - Reid

Wilderness is an excellent tent. - Mike

WOW. What a tent. Thanks a million. - Ivan

Excellent tent. Great doing business doing business with you. - Harvey

Great tent. Just what I wanted. - Stan

Rich, received the tent Thursday and set her up this weekend. Everything looks great. I am impressed with everything. - Ken

Tent looks great. Quality is awesome. - Jason

Great Tent. Stitching is top quality. - Gregg

My stuff arrived on Wednesday as promised. The tent is as good as the service. - Ron

I set up the tent in the back yard. I am very pleased. - Bill


Thanks for a great product. Hunting camp will be much more enjoyable this year. - Bart

We just bought one of your Wilderness Tents and we love it. - Joe

It is a great, great tent. Thanks for all the work you did to help us out. - Carl

The tent worked great during elk season!!!!. We stayed warm and dry in spite of snow, wind and rain. - Aaron

Received the tent. Its great. - Gordon

This is one wonderful tent. I will recommend you to all my friends. - Jim

Thanks for the tent. Outstanding canvas. - Bill

I received the tent yesterday and I am very pleased. Thank you very much for all your help and info. - Michael

Loved the tents and the rain fly's. Great quality and the frame fit perfectly. Will do more business in the future. - GB

Received the tent. It is everything you said and more. - Joe

The tent is very well built and is exactly how you describe it on your very informative web site. - Dennis

Great canvas tent.  Really like the Wilderness design with so many extra features, especially, at no extra cost.  Brian

I am very pleased with the tent. I am having lots of fun hunting and camping. - Jose

Your tents are awesome. I stayed in a 14 x16 this winter in a blizzard. We stayed warm with Yukon stove. Thanks. Stone

I absolutely love my 16x20 canvas tent package I purchased from you guys. Stove and fly worked great just like you said it would. Harry.

I am very pleased with our purchase from the Wall Tent Shop. We are having fun. Will recommend you to all my friends. Jamie
Good Afternoon. I just wanted to let you know your wilderness tent worked great.  Kept us warm and dry! Plenty of room, glad we went with the one size larger you recommended.  The hunt was very successful.  Thanks again. Larry 

Thanks much for your service and professionalism.  Nice to know there are still some good people around.  Richard

Your tents are awesome. I stayed in a 14 x16 this winter in a blizzard. We stayed warm with Yukon stove. Thanks.  Stone

I absolutely love my 16x20 canvas tent package I purchased from you guys.  Stove and fly worked great just like you said it would. Harry.

I am very pleased with our purchase from the Wall Tent Shop.  We are having fun.  Will recommend you to all my friends. Jamie

This is a good darn tent I tell ya. My 16x20 wilderness tent worked great during hunting. No issues and no problems. Love it. Billy

Tent looks very good. Quality is awesome. Stitching is top quality. Can't wait to set it up. Wayne

Really happy with the tent. I am very impressed with wilderness tent. You all are great people to deal with. Thank you for all your help. Walt

I am really happy with my wilderness tent. Great quality. Took tent hunting. Really worked well. Great tent. Jerry

We love the 12 x12 spike tent. My son wants to buy a 14 x14. Thanks for a great tent. Evan

While hunting 3 or 4 people came overt look at our spike tent.  They were very impressed, just like I am.  I am sure you will be receiving orders from these hunters very soon. Ralph