canvas tents

***To receive coat rack at the reduced cost, it must be ordered with and shipped with a tent.  If the coat rack is purchased separately, you will be invoiced for the $10 difference in price.***

Great for hanging coats, calls, clothes and any other necessary items while using your canvas wall tent.

Coat Rack is 32" long and features 5 pegs for hanging items. 2 clamps are provided.

Each person in your tent should have a coat rack above their cot.  Your tent will be much less cluttered.

Coat rack attaches to frame at legs.  One end must be attached to a frame angle and the other can be attached to the horizontal eave pole.  Eave poles will rotate if coat rack not attached to a tent frame angle. 

From our Owner - Rich Tuck: "I use one additional coat rack to hang all of my important hunting gear so I can have everything ready in one place the following day -- hunting belt with knife, elk calls and cow urine.  I also hang my hat and bugle on the coat rack."