canvas tents

Frame Leg Anchors – the ultimate solution for securing tent frame wall poles to any platform! Specifically designed with canvas tent platforms in mind, these anchors are the key to stability and protection in challenging weather conditions.

Say goodbye to worries about tent frame legs sliding off during strong winds. Our Frame Leg Anchors are strongly recommended for use with canvas tent platforms, ensuring a secure and steadfast setup. No more concerns about sinking into wet ground or mud – our anchors provide the stability you need for a worry-free camping experience.  Safeguard your sod cloth or floor from potential damage caused by the bottom of frame wall poles.

Featuring a side eye bolt for added security, these anchors are crafted to seamlessly secure wall poles into place. The design accommodates 1" EMT inside diameter steel conduit, offering compatibility with a range of setups.

The leg support opening measures 1 1/4".