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Wilderness Luxury Glamping Tents normally have 5' side walls.  However, 6' side walls are available and normally ship following day. 

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1. Tent Only:  Wilderness or Montana Canvas

2. Tent and Angle Kit to Make Frame

3. Tent and Complete Frame

4. Tent, Angle Kit to Make Frame, Tarp Fly, Stove

5. Tent, Complete Frame, Tarp Fly, Stove 

The 6' side wall option provides much more useable space.  When a person enters a tent with 6' side walls it looks much more luxurious and impressive. 

Most resort owners are now ordering the 6' side wall option. 

 Luxury Camping Tents - Standard Features: Our Standard Features are $200 worth of options on most other luxury tent models.

    • Free front zippered door.
    • Free 8" door storm flaps with buckle (Colorado door) to protect front & back door zippers.
    • Free back door or free back window your choice 
    • Free reinforced eave with webbing entire length of eave. Webbing is on bottom of eave to allow rain and snow to run off eave easily and is much stronger than just canvas.
    • Steel D rings sewn into webbing. Also, much stronger than other tents with their metal grommets pressed into canvas.
    • Free reinforced tent ridge. Extra layer of canvas entire length of ridge for reinforcement. 5' side walls.
    • Free bag.
    • Free 10" vinyl sod cloth sewn onto bottom of the wall, acts as an air seal.
    • Free ropes and tensioners.
    • Free 5" or 6"stove jack located in roof, side wall or back wall - your choice.
    • Free ridge opening on each end to allow lodge pole set up. Flaps  cover opening when lodge pole is not used.
    •   LUXURY CAMPING TENTS, FANCY TENTS - 6 CONFIGURATIONS  (no alterations possible)
  •  1. Front zipper door and back zipper door.

     2. Front zipper door, back zipper door and 2 side windows.

     3. Front & back zippered doors and 2 side windows.

     4. Front zipper door and back window.

     5. Front zipper door, back window and 2 side windows.

  • 6. Front screen door, back window and 2 side windows.

 If ordering a screen door option, 2 side windows are included in price. Front screen door option will have a back window and 2 side windows. Front and back screen door option will have 2 side windows.


When I was looking on the internet for luxury tents for sale I came across Wall Tent Shop.  I started comparing your luxury tents to other sites I looked at earlier.  I was amazed by all the standard features that were on your luxury tents that other companies wanted to charge me for. Especially, the double layer of canvas on the roof for reinforcement was going  to cost me $200 at one company. What really impressed me was the small cost of going from 5 foot side walls to 6 foot side walls.  I am 6 foot and it just makes sense to go with a 6 foot side wall in order for me to be able to use the entire space inside my 16 x 20. In a 5 foot side wall tent I can't get 2 feet from the side wall without bumping the canvas roof with my head. I decided to buy a complete frame for my luxury tent instead of purchasing an angle kit and then making my frame from steel conduit.  Doing the math it only cost me $185 more for Wall Tent Shop to make the frame with the free shipping that is included in all products. Saved a lot of my time for only $185. What sealed the deal was your lower prices compared to all the other internet companies.  I knew I was going to get a top quality luxury tent for sale at a good price based on the testimonials I read on google reviews.  Tyler, thanks again for your patience and outstanding customer service.  Rob 22315.

  5' W/M 5' F/W/M 6' F/W/M
8x10 40 lb 45 lb 50 lb
10x12 55 lb 65 lb 72 lb
12x14 62 lb 73 lb 80 lb
14x16 74 lb 85 lb 92 lb
16x20 89 lb 111 lb 119 lb
16x24 99 lb 121 lb 130 lb
  Peak with 5' Wall Peak with 6' Wall
8x10 7'9" 8'9"
10x12 8' 9'
12x14 8'4" 9'4"
14x16 8'9" 9'9"
16x20 9'3" 10'3"
16x24 9'3" 10'3"

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Click luxury tent accessories for full listing of accessories which include floors, roof tarps / flys, room dividers, coat racks that attach to metal tent frame, stoves, etc.

Click best luxury glamping tents to view pictures of canvas tents.  Many are set up on platforms and some are hunting or camping set ups that might provide some ideas for your resort.

Recommend you read TENT SET UP LOCATIONS before you set up your tent to avoid wind issues that can destroy your tent.

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the luxury glamping tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.