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12 VIDEO CUSTOMER REVIEWS  of our canvas tents for sale by customers. These videos were voluntarily made by customers to show our high quality products, Rich.


Double layer of canvas on ridge. Eaves reinforced with webbing. Steel D rings on eaves instead of grommets. NO OTHER TENT HAS THIS ADDITIONAL REINFORCEMENT. 
Click SPECIALS to view wilderness tents on special, 6' SIDEWALLS, blems, demo tents, spike tents and stoves.

 NO SALES TAX.  Items shipped to an IDAHO address must pay Idaho sales tax.

FRAMES CANNOT BE RETURNED OR REFUNDED as each custom frame is made for a specific tent.

Be advised that  competitor frames that use cables are much weaker than normal frames.  Cables are only used on frames that are not strong.  Frames that have 3/4 " conduit or thin walled aluminum frames normally have cables.

FEEL FREE TO CALL US if you have questions or want more information, 1 - 800 - 234 1150.

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IF YOU WANT TO REDUCE THE COST OF YOUR FRAME, you can make your own frame using our tent frame angle kits and make tent frame from steel conduit available at all hardware stores.  View tent and angles for more info. 
Extended fly will have stove pipe opening with a tie down flap in the extended section as some people use a stove for cooking outside the tent.
Click SLEEPING CAPACITY for each size of tent. It is sometimes difficult to determine the correct size required and hopefully sleeping capacity info page will be of some assistance. 
If you require additional rafters, use add additional rafters drop down box above.
 Frame # of Rafters
8x10 3 60 lb
10x12 3 68 lb
12x14 4 95 lb
14x16 4 100 lb
16x20 5 128 lb
16x24 6 155 lb


6' side walls provide much more headroom and usable tent space.  6' walls allows a person to get next to a wall without hitting your head against rafters or canvas roof.

 Some companies only have 4' 7" sidewalls which severely restricts how much space you can actually use.

Strongly recommend you ask your suppliers the finished height of side walls before purchasing so you will not be surprised or disappointed upon delivery.

         6 Foot option only available on FIRE, water and mildew treated tents

WILDERNESS CANVAS IS ARMY DUCK- DOUBLE FILL. The highest quality canvas made. Canvas is made by weaving threads together, crosswise and lengthwise. The Army Duck canvas has 2 threads twisted together making 1 thread. These double twisted threads are woven into the canvas going both crosswise and lengthwise. Twisting 2 threads together into 1 makes Army Duck canvas stronger more durable and also allows the canvas to breath better.  A 10.1 oz Army Duck wall tents are just as strong as a 12 oz Dual Fill.

VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES  and Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, tent set up and size requirements.

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.

Watch 2 videos -click on the video tab above) TO VIEW WILDERNESS QUALITY, FREE FEATURES AND OPTIONS AVAILABLE.

SHIPPING BAGS for floors, fly, extended fly, porches and cook shacks options are not large enough to be used for storage bags.

Recommend you read TENT SET UP LOCATIONS before you set up your tent to avoid wind issues that can destroy your tent.


We have certain discounted accessories when you order a Wilderness tent or Selkirk spike tent. We are passing the reduced shipping cost to you.
5" Inline spark arrestor $50 (-$22), stove fire mat $35 (-$15), stove heat shield $35 (-$15), rubber caps for frame legs (-$10 per set ), tent frame bags $28 (-$10), tent coat hangars $35 (-$10), and rebar stakes (-$10) per dozen.
THE FRAME IS DESIGNED NOT TO FIT TIGHT ON YOUR FRAME TO ALLOW FOR TENT CANVAS SHRINKAGE. All tent canvas will shrink 1-3 % after it becomes wet.
If you want your tent to have a tighter tent on the frame, set your tent up and spray it down with water inside and out, especially on the seams. The seams have small needle holes which will close when sprayed with water.

If you are not concerned about a slightly loose tent, the tent will naturally shrink overtime as a result of dew and condensation.

Never have a skin tight tent on a frame. When a tent is skin tight on a frame there is tremendous pressure on the seams. Eventually the seams will loosen or tear. Same process as when a person wears extremely skin tight jeans.


Fly is a protective tarp that covers the roof, extend the life expectancy of your tent. Also, there are thousands of needle holes in your tent and occasionally a needle hole does not close when the tent is wetted down. The only way to insure your tent does not leak is to put a fly on your tent.

I price my fly's approximately 25-50% below most of my competitors to encourage individuals to use a fly to protect their tent roof.

EVERY MONTH WE GET CALLS FROM CUSTOMERS WHO BUY A FLY AFTER USING THEIR TENT. Normally customers have spark holes in their tent roof. Or dirt, pitch and tar on their roof that won't come off. A fly is strongly recommend at the time of purchase to avoid possible roof issues. And most importantly, to increase life expectancy of your tent. Rich


SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE LIFE OF YOUR TENT. The roof is the first part of a tent that normally fails.

Prevents stove spark burn holes in roof. It is much easier and cheaper to replace a fly, if necessary, than a tent.

Provides another moisture barrier to prevent leaks.

Protects the cotton canvas from harmful UV rays. Put a cotton shirt outside during the summer and see how UV rays destroys the cotton.

Keeps roof clean. When camping under a tree, a tree rains down dirt during rain storms.

Prevents pitch and tar getting on the roof. Removing tree pitch and tar requires a harsh detergent which destroys the roof water, mildew and fire treatment. Then you will have leaks in your roof.

Fly provides 1 foot overhang on each side of tent.  Forces water and snow 1 foot away from side wall.

Water and snow slides off fly quicker than canvas roof as the fly is completely smooth.

Provides some insulation value when there is an air gap between fly and roof.

RECOMMENDATION: ALWAYS KEEP YOUR TENT ROOF AND FLY TAUT SO WATER CAN QUICKLY BE REMOVED FROM YOUR TENT.  Water can collect on the roof in an "eave trough" which is  a low area just before the sidewall created by a not tight roof or loose fly.

Canvas should be very taut on a tent frame, especially, if set up for extended periods of time and a fly always used.  Fly should also be tight to avoid water in an eave trough.  Water will eventually go through the fly if saturated for weeks.  Canvas saturated in water will rot and mildew regardless of water mildew protection applied. There is no warranty for eave rot.

When you receive your tent, set it up, and completely wet it down. Especially on the seams, both inside and outside seams on your tent. Wetting down your tent will cause the canvas to shrink and help close the thousands of needle holes in your tent.


WILDERNESS TENT AND ANGLE KIT special includes the tent and either a 3 rafter, 4 rafter or 5 rafter angle kit depending upon size of tent ordered.

Making a tent frame using steel conduit takes 60-90 minutes depending on size of your tent. Steel conduit is readily available at all hardware stores including Home Depot and Lowes.  Only tool required is a hack saw or pipe cutter.  All power tools that cut metal will also work.

Click ANGLE KITS for information on how to easily build a tent frame 6 from steel conduit.


5 FOOT SIDE WALLS. WALLS ARE FULL 5' OF CANVAS. Walls are measured from the outside of tent.

    • Some unusual designed tents have only 4' walls with 18" of vinyl sewn onto the bottom of the tent.  The 18" sod cloth cannot be staked down and wind blows under the sod cloth creating a tent that can't be heated properly in cold weather. Additionally, the sod cloth will flap in the wind making for a less than an enjoyable camping experience.

    • Tents must have the canvas walls touching the ground in order to stake the walls to the ground to prevent wind blowing under the tent walls. 

      Windows are 30" x 30".  Not small triangle windows that provide much less ventilation

    • BACK DOOR OR BACK WINDOW. Free.  A $50 option for some other tent companies.
    • STOVE JACK. 5 1/2" fire proof tent opening in roof to allow stove pipe to go through. Only single wall pipe is necessary. 6 inch stove jack available by cutting just before the 6" pattern on the stove jack. Most stoves require a 5 1/2 inch stove jack. 5" is too small.

  • STORM FLAP. Protects zipper and closes door if you have zipper problems when camping.


  • STEEL D RINGS SEWN INTO EAVE WEBBING. Much stronger than grommets pressed into canvas. 
  • DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE. A major wear point that is reinforced.

  • VINYL SOD CLOTH. Acts an air seal and prevents canvas from touching any rain water which will wick up the canvas wall.

  • TENT BAG. Oversized to insure your tent fits in it.

  • RIDGE OPENINGS FOR LODGE POLE. Some hunters use lodge pole pine to make a tent frame when packing in to avoid hauling a heavy metal frame on horses.

  • FRONT ZIPPERED DOOR, YKK #10. Always insure your tent has YKK zippers or you might have zipper problems when you are camping.

  • 200' OF ROPE AND 20 TENSIONERS that tightens the tent eave rope connecting to tent stakes.



At the bottom of this page are OPTION PHOTOS and explanations. Options include porches, cook shacks, fly (protective tarp) and floors. 


I strongly recommend you read my recommendations regarding placing wall tents on a platform, click platforms.

I strongly recommend (click) tent frame leg supports on platforms. which are screwed onto the platform. Wood platforms are smooth surfaces compared to the ground. You don't want to have tent frame legs slide off a platform during high winds.

Leaving a tent set up for extended periods of time. Water can collect on the roof in an "eave trough".  The trough is the area at the bottom of roof just before the side horizontal tent frame poles. Canvas should be very tight on frame if set up for extended periods of time and a fly used.  Fly should also be tight to avoid water and snow in an eave trough.  Canvas saturated in water will rot and mildew regardless of water mildew protection applied. There is no warranty for eave rot.


We used our 16x20 wilderness tent last week above Burns, Oregon.  The temperature dropped to -10 degrees.  We survived. Great Tent.  Thanks for your help with everything.  Mark

I thought I would send you a quick thank you for your efforts to provide a great quality product in addition to very informative videos and your very helpful staff. I have been in sales for 30 years and firmly believe Wall Tent Shop has the best quality tents, educates the customer, offers the best products with the lowest prices on the internet and provides great service during and after the sell. Marty

Thanks Rich.  The tent is awesome and just what I needed for hunting camp.  Can't wait to go hunting in my wilderness tent.  Robert

I really like my tent.  Cook shack was a good addition to my 14 x 16.  I appreciate your service. You guys do a great job. Johnny

Tent looks awesome.  Good  quality.  Great customer service.  Todd

I have a friend who set up his new 16 x 20 wilderness tent.  It is beautiful and well made.  I want the same set up, tent,  Yukon stove , extended fly, angle kit upgrade, cook shack and floor.  Jeremy

I ordered an angle kit and your wilderness model.  They are great. Paul

 Love the tent. We took our wilderness wall tent to Yellowstone.  It was almost like staying in a hotel.  Ernst

 Love the wilderness 10 x 12 model.  I can get it up by myself in about 30 minutes.  Brenda 

 The 16 x 20 wilderness canvas tent we bought from you is bad to the bone. Very nice set up. Very happy with it. Dave. 

I thought that I would let you know how your 12 x 14 and matching fly worked out for us this year in our annual deer hunt. The weather reached -6 Fahrenheit.  The snow was knee deep when we reached camp this year .  Every day we would receive an additional  3-5 inches of snow. Your wilderness canvas tent worked great and stayed completely dry inside.  The fly easily shed all the snow and ice.  The wilderness wall tent fit the conduit frame great thanks to the accurate dimensions provided to me.  Cutting the conduit was very easy.  I cannot say enough about the value in this tent. We really appreciate the quality.  Can't wait until next November.  Marc

Thanks for the tent and all your help.  Looking forward to buying more great items from Wall Tent Shop.  Dan

Great tent.  We really enjoyed it during hunting season.  Top quality.  Thanks again for helping us pick the right  canvas tent size. Steve

My son and I bought a complete tent package, tent, stove, fly and angle kit a few years ago. Just wanted to let you know that we are totally pleased with no complaints.  Harry

Hi Rich. The Wilderness wall tent works great. Beau

Rich hunting season has come and went and I just wanted to send you a special thanks for all your service and info you provided us.  First, the tent and accessories worked as well as promised and I think much better.  Took the son and myself a little longer than planned to set up the tent the first time in the field.  But all went well and thanks for the extra rope, very much appreciated. Large stove worked well at night and had the capability to make it much warmer on cold nights.  Great to have that extra heating capability when needed by having that largest stove.   Our season opened on a Saturday and a storm rolled in on Friday at noon.  By 6:00 pm Friday night, temperatures were down to low 30's with wind chill much lower with with winds up to 50 to 60 miles per hour.  Blew like that until Saturday afternoon.  I didn't get much sleep that night since I was awake with flashlight in tow checking to see if everything stayed put.  The tent, fly, tie downs, and stakes never budged.  Thank you for a great product.  I have passed on your your company to numerous others who were impressed with what they saw when everything was set up.  We are now looking for other places to hunt now that we have a great shelter in hand.  Thanks again, keep up the good work.  Ed 

Tent & Frame




Fire, Water,

& Mildew


Fire, Water,

& Mildew


Fire, Water,

& Mildew








Big Sky $1995 $2145
$1338 $1676
Kwik Kamp $1053
Montana $2329
Rainier $1755 $2310
Reliable $1511 $1767 $2229
WhiteDuck $2050 $2250 $2800
------------- ----------- ----------- -----------



Fire, Water,

& Mildew


Fire, Water,

& Mildew


Fire, Water,

& Mildew








Big Sky $2395

Davis $2098
Kwik Kamp $1906
Montana $3170 $3620 $3970
Rainier $2835
Reliable $2632 $3312
WhiteDuck $3350 $4700 $5600




5' Walls



5' Walls

Fire, Water,

& Mildew

6' Wall

Fire, Water,

& Mildew

8x10 40 lb 45 lb 50 lb
10x12 55 lb 65 lb 72 lb
12x14 62 lb 73 lb 80 lb
14x16 74 lb 85 lb 92 lb
16x20 89 lb 111 lb 119 lb
16x24 99 lb 121 lb 130 lb



Peak with 5' Wall Peak with 6' Wall
8x10 7'9" 8'9"
10x12 8' 9'
12x14 8'4" 9'4"
14x16 8'9" 9'9"
16x20 9'3" 10'3"
16x24 9'3" 10'3"