canvas tents


 Selecting a tent set up location is one of the most critical decisions you make when hunting, camping or living in a tent permanently.


1. Do not set up your tent to live in permanently in very windy exposed areas such as in the middle of fields or prairies. A sheltered protected area in trees is the best place for tent set up.  Your tent is like a giant sail and you are inviting problems if you set up in windy areas.  Your tent will flap in the wind and eventually cause your seams to weaken.  Tents are not wood structures. Canvas flapping in the wind will eventually destroy your seams and your tent canvas will tear. 

2 Stake your tent down properly or your tent will blow away. When staking down your tent use all eave and ridge end grommets for ropes .  Stakes must be a minimum of 18".  Position all stakes at a 45 degree angle way from tent.  One customer set up his tent in an open windy area and placed huge round hay bales around the tent to reduce the wind.  That customer knew his tent would be destroyed unless he used bales for protection from the very strong winds.  If you do not protect your tent from very strong winds you will eventually regret your decision.

3. Do not use an extended fly in windy conditions because the wind will get under the 8' exposed section and destroy the fly.  In very windy conditions it is best to remove a regular fly until the wind lessens. Your fly will flap in the wind weakening seams and tear.  Also a flapping fly will eventually tear out grommets even though the grommets are reinforced.