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Spike Tent Features

Single Person Set-Up

Multiple Person Set-Up

States that require Fire Treated Canvas Tents: CA, LA, MI, MA, MN, NJ and NY.

 Tent Size Center Height
Door Height
Wall Height Weight - Water/Mildew Weight - Fire/Water/Mildew
10x10 8'6" 6' 4' 77 lb 87 lb
12x12 8'6" 6' 4' 98 lb 108 lb
14x14 8'6" 6' 4' 111 lb 121 lb
Selkirk Spike Tent Package Includes:
Selkirk Spike Tent Standard Features:
10oz Army Duck Double-Fill Canvas
YKK #10 Zippers
Front & Back Doors - Option to Screen Doors
Screened Side Windows
5" Stove Jack - Front Left Corner as you enter Tent
2" Webbing and D-Rings along Eaves - Extra Reinforcement
Sewn-In Floor
200' Rope and 20 Metal Tensioners
Webbing in roof seams from top peak to sidewalls - Extra reinforcement
Aluminum Frame
Tent Bag


         3 Pole roof support design - front - center - back - poles allows for extra headroom at the front and the rear of the spike              tent

         Longest Interior Aluminum Pole is 31". Interior aluminum poles, 1 1/4".

         Outside wall poles - 1 on each corner and every 3' along eaves.  Wall poles are 3/4 " aluminum.  


          Floors do not have a cut out or zipper area for the stove.  

          Floor and side walls sewn together with black webbing.

STOVE PIPE OPENING 5" with pattern for 6" if needed.

DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE to reinforce stress points.

FLY IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: There are thousands of needle holes in your tent and occasionally a needle hole does not close when the tent is wetted down. The only way to insure your tent does not leak is to put a fly on top of your tent.

Do not place a fly on the tent allowing the fly to touch the side wall poles. Holes will be worn into your fly if fly is in contact with top of the side poles.

Always tie down the front and back fly ridge with rope provided. These fly ridge ropes will make your fly taught, along with fly eave ropes, that will allow water to run off your taught fly easier.
When you receive your tent, set it up, and completely wet it down. Especially on the seams, both inside and outside seams on your tent. Wetting down your tent will cause the canvas to shrink and help close the thousands of needle holes in your tent.
Extends 6 feet to the front, on door end nearest stove jack.

Extended fly supported by 6' pole in center of extended fly with 2 side poles per side.

Yukon stove or Wilderness stove is included in package, your choice.  Click blue links for details.
Yukon and Wilderness stoves are identical except the Wilderness stove is square and the Yukon stove is round with a flat top. Same standard features, same metal thickness, same design, both have gasket on door and same options.
Standard stove package comes with the spike tent consisting of:
     Side shelf
     Rain cap & spark arrestor
Deluxe Package upgrade is available during choose a stove selection in the buy area  above.
     Water Tank
10x10 package: Wilderness 3 standard stove or a Yukon 3 standard stove.
12x12 package: Wilderness 4 standard stove or a Yukon 4 standard stove.
14x14 package:  Wilderness 4 standard stove or a Yukon 4 standard stove
Larger Wilderness Stoves and Yukon Stoves are available in choose a stove selection.

 Click Spike to view the set up instructions.

Recommend you read TENT SET UP LOCATIONS before you set up your tent to avoid wind issues that can destroy your tent.

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.


Just received my Selkirk spike tent.  Quality is definitely very good.  It has a lot of features other spike tents don't have, like the inverted T zipper, webbing with D rings on the eaves and storm flaps on the doors.  Definitely well worth the money.  Hard to believe you have the lowest prices on the internet and yet you have the best spike tent.  Again, Wall Tent shop has the lowest stove prices on the internet.  Now I want a stove to go with my tent.   Barry

Talked to a friend and hunting buddy about spike tents.  He told me Wall tent Shop has the best thing going for high quality and price.  Well, I want the same thing he has.  12 x12, fly and Yukon stove.  James

My dad has your tent.  I am loving that tent and stove. Great for hunting and kept us warm and dry.  I want one for myself.  Dustin

We bought a Selkirk spike tent from you last year.  This is the best tent made.  I wish you had a store closer by.  I want to buy another one.  Jack

My buddy bought a tent from you last year. He loves it and so do I.  I want one.  Philip

I purchased the 14 x 14 Selkirk spike tent and Yukon 4 deluxe stove.  Both are great products.  Again thanks for helping me in choosing the tent that was best for me.  Michael

We love the 12 x 12 spike tent we bought from you in September.  With the stove oven combo we can bake pies, bread, etc in the oven.  Thanks again for  great products. James

The new 12 x 12 spike is working out great.  I have had the family out camping 6 times with the YMCA Indian Princesses (240 fathers/daughters strong in our city) since I received the tent in the fall. All of the other dads are quite jealous.  John.