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Luxury camping tents for sale have become more popular recently.  We have been selling this type of tent to resort owners since 2005.  We will work with you to insure you buy exactly what you need.  We also have a 2 year guarantee. 

This is the same luxury canvas tent for sale that Montana Canvas offers.

Custom made to your specific requirements. Screen doors, windows, openings for air condition, room dividers, etc.

Comes standard with 5 foot side walls.  However, 6 foot side walls can be ordered. 

If you have limited experience I recommend you read our  luxury camping tents for sale info guide which covers 35 topics that you might find helpful in deciding what size of tent and options would be best for you.


Just wanted to give my input to your luxury camping tent that I recently purchased.  I am 100 per cent satisfied with my purchase. It exceeded all my expectations.  Customer service by Jen was exceptional.  She answered all my questions very thoughtfully and professionally.  I asked her every question I could think of and she also provided recommendations when I asked.  I think the design is perfect, especially with the 6 foot walls. So much more useable space along the side walls compared to the regular 5 foot side walls. We had 2 other campers come by to look at our new luxury camping tent.  Both very impressed. They also liked the design, quality and workmanship.  Both wanted your information to buy.  nHopefully you will have 2 more very satisfied customers. Mike

This luxury camping tent is the best I have ever seen. Very much impressed with all the extra reinforcement. The D rings inside and out are much stronger than loops on other tents.  I had plenty of rope to use for all the D rings. Everything on this tent is as claimed to be on your website and videos.  Thanks again for all your help during my purchase. Jim 3231. 


Polyester - Cotton 10 oz Blend Material.  Synthetic material designed specifically for Glamping Luxury tents. 

Benefits: Stronger than normal canvas.

Doesn't get dirty as easily canvas.

Easier to clean than canvas.
A brighter cleaner looking white appearance than canvas.

More mildew and rot resistant especially in wet and humid climates.

Aluminum frames, if ordered, will ship same time as luxury camping tent.

You can make your own frame using steel conduit using our frame angle kits.  We provide a cut list and you cut the conduit. Conduit can easily purchased locally. Conduit can be cut with a hacksaw or any power tool that has a metal blade.  Takes about 60-90 minutes.

Normal savings on an aluminum frame is $400 - $800 depending on frame size.  Click angle kits for more information.

We are available, except Sundays, for any questions when making your steel conduit frame.

A sewn in floor will keep bugs, insects and rodents out.  However, a sewn in floor is difficult to set up using a steel or aluminum frame.  If you plan on using a lodge pole set up there is no problem.

We can assist you with lodge pole lengths if you need assistance.

Click luxury camping tents for sale to view tents set up on platforms, hunting and camping tents for ideas on your platform design or set up.

Recommend you read our platform recommendations before building your platform.  Never build a platform before receiving your canvas luxury camping tent if you are making it the same size. Dimensions can easily be 4-6 inches off.

If you plan on using a platform I recommend leg anchors to secure the frame to platform.  Frames can easily slide off a smooth platform during windy conditions.

If you do not use a platform you will need quality heavy duty long stakes to secure your tent and fly in the event of high winds. Our best stakes are 18" x 1/2" rebar.  Much stronger than other stakes available.

To protect your investment in a luxury camping tent  for sale I recommend some type of tarp that covers your roof which is commonly called a fly. The fly is another moisture barrier, keeps your roof clean from dirt or pitch that just rains from tees and also provides UV protection.

Most of my luxury canvas tent buyers purchase an extended fly that provides a shaded area in front of the tent which your clients can use during sunshine or rain.

All warranty issues are handled  directly by the Montana Canvas Company.

Contact us if you have questions. We fully understand how daunting a task it can be purchasing a large number of luxury camping tents for your resort.  Rich 

Tent Weights and Peak Heights listed below:

  Poly Cotton
8x10 42 lb
10x12 55 lb
10x14 60 lb
12x14 63 lb
12x17 68 lb
14x17 83 lb
14x20 88 lb
16x20 97 lb
16x23 105 lb
18x23 126 lb
Peak with 5' Walls Peak with 6' Walls
8x10 7'11" 8'11"
10x12 8'11" 9'11"
10x14 8'11" 9'11"
12x14 8'11" 9'11"
12x17 8'11" 9'11"
14x17 10' 11'
14x20 10' 11'
16x20 9'8" 10'8"
16x23 9'8' 10'8"
18x23 10'3" 11'3"