8 x 10

42 lbs
$815 $890 Wilderness 3 or Yukon 3 Standard Package 
10 x 12

57 lbs
$895 $995
Wilderness 3 or Yukon 3 Standard Package 
12 x 14

64 lbs
$1050 $1200
Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4 Standard Package 
14 x 16

74 lbs
$1215 $1415
Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4 Standard Package 
16 x 20

95 lbs
$1345 $1545
Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4 Standard Package 
16 x 24

105 lbs
$1500 $1700
Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4 Standard Package


CANVAS TENT WITH STOVE is the wilderness tent model and either the wilderness stove or the yukon stove.  Both stoves are available in 3 sizes to accommodate any size of tent. Stoves available in 2 different packages.

                                                                       FREE SHIPPING & NO SALES TAX.

 Items shipped to an IDAHO address must pay Idaho sales tax


  • Stove
  • Warming tray/shelf
  • Nesting pipe
  • Damper
  • Rain Cap/Spark Arrestor (most other stoves only have a wire mesh spark arrestor which allows rain and snow to go in the top of the stove pipe and then in your stove)

                                                                                                                     DELUXE STOVE PACKAGE

  • Standard Package PLUS...
  • Grate (most other company stove deluxe packages do not have a grate)
  • 3 gallon stainless steel water tank.

                                                                      CANVAS TENTS WITH STOVE

Tent and stove sizes.

8 x 10, 10 x 12  Wilderness 3 or Yukon 3 Standard Package

12 x 14 x 16, 16 x 20, 16 x 24 Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4 Standard Package 

                                             STOVE SIZE UPGRADE RECOMMENDATIONS 

14 x 16  If you could ever be in very cold conditions a Wilderness 5 or Yukon 5 is recommended.  Wilderness 5 is 30% larger than a Wilderness 4.

16x20 Wilderness 5 or Yukon 5. The 4 model will heat a 16 x 20 but not for very long. Wilderness 5 is 30% larger than a Wilderness 4.

16x24 Wilderness 5 or Yukon 5. The 4 model will heat a 16 x 20 but not for very long. Wilderness 5 is 30% larger than a Wilderness 4. 
Wilderness 5 stove is the largest tent stove on the market.
Some other companies in their 12 x 14 package have a small stove that will not adequately heat a 12 x 14 tent.  We have a medium size stove in our package that will easily heat a 12 x 14 or a 14 x16.


       IMMEDIATE SHIPPING - NO PAYMENT Call for more info on PAYPAL program. 

Click SPECIALS to view wilderness tents on special, 6' SIDEWALLS, blems, demo tents, spike tents and stoves.

                                                                                                                        -               6'  SIDE WALL OPTION

FIRE, water and mildew treated tents only


 VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, tent set up and size requirements.

SHIPPING BAGS for floors, fly, extended fly, porches and cook shacks options are not large enough to be used for storage bags.


DISCOUNTED PRICES:  There are discounted prices on the following accessories if ordered with a Wilderness Tent as I am passing on my reduced shipping costs to you Savings indicated below (-$).

5" Inline spark arrestor $50 (-$22), stove fire mat $35 (-$15), stove heat shield $35 (-$15), rubber caps for frame legs (-$10 ), tent frame bags $28 (-$10), tent coat hangars $35  (-$10), and rebar stakes (-$5 to -$10) per set.


 TESTIMONIALS. Click to read Wilderness Tent testimonials.


CLICK FLY to read detailed info on fly advantages and recommendations.



                 CANVAS TENT WITH STOVE STANDARD FEATURES are $200 worth of options on some other tent models.

  • 5 FOOT WALLS  provide much more headroom. Some companies have only 4' 7" side walls which reduces amount of useable space.
  • STOVE JACK. 5 inch is standard. 6 inch available by cutting out stitched pattern.

  • STORM FLAP/COLORADO DOOR. 8" storm flap with buckle protects front & back door zippers.  


  • STEEL D RINGS SEWN INTO WEBBING.  Much stronger than tents with metal grommets pressed into canvas eaves. 

  • DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE.  Reinforces tent ridge.  

  • VINYL SOD CLOTH. 10" vinyl sod cloth sewn onto bottom of the wall. 

  • TENT BAG. 

  • RIDGE OPENINGS FOR LODGE POLE.  Flaps seal openings when lodge pole not used.

  • FRONT ZIPPERED DOOR, YKK #10. The highest quality heavy duty zipper made.

  • 200 FEET OF ROPE AND 20 TENSIONERS are rolled up inside tent.


My big 16 x 24 wilderness canvas tent with stove is awesome.  Now I want to buy two 12 x14's with yukon stoves and the angle kits.  Bryan, Outfitter.

Your wilderness tent is the best I have ever seen. George

Just calling you tell you that I bought your wilderness 5 stove 2 years ago and it has been great.  Top quality workmanship.  Stove burns longer than anything I have ever used before. Tom

Thanks again for all your help.  A couple of people have seen my wilderness tent and were very impressed with it. I gave them your number and website name.  You should be receiving orders very soon soon.  Sincerely, Jacob

I received my 10 x 12 canvas tent with stove much sooner after ordering than I expected.  I followed the cutting instructions on your website for cutting the frame pieces.  Set it up in the back yard to let it shrink to close the needle holes as recommended.   It worked out great. Your video says it takes 2 people 45 minutes to set up.  It actually took two of us only 30 minutes. I spent 4 weeks in it hunting elk and then a couple of days later it was set up for a week of moose hunting.  I left the tent set up over a couple weeks so I could go back in for a couple of days to hopefully fill my tag.  Please feel free to use thee comments for your website. Great product and I have been recommending your canvas tents with stove to my friends.


 Click angle kits for information on angle kits and how to easily build a frame in 60-90 minutes using steel conduit available at all hardware stores. $200-$400 savings dependent on size of tent purchased



                                       MORE INFO ON WILDERNESS TENT

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                                                                WILDERNESS TENT OPTIONS

STANDARD FLY covers the entire roof and has a 1 foot overhang on each side to force any rain or snow 1 foot away from the roof. 

EXTENDED FLYS are an 8¹ extension to the front of a normal fly. 

VINYL EAVE CORNERS are designed to cut a slit in the vinyl to continue your tent frame through the vinyl and then connect to your extended fly or porch o cook shack frame. 

FLOOR: 18 oz vinyl. Most other tent companies only have a 12 oz vinyl. Our vinyl is 50% thicker. Loose vinyl floor. 

SEWN IN SCREEN DOOR: Screen covers the entire width of the tent. Some companies only provide a 5'-6¹ wide screen area. 
Only 2 variations of screen doors available.
       Front screen door, 2 side windows and back window.
       Front & Back screen door, 2 side windows and back door.

WINDOWS are 30 inch x 30 inch with mesh screens. Canvas Flap covers window when not in use. 

PORCH: Extension of roof and walls of the tent. Front is open. Separate extension with 12 inch overlap. Includes ropes, tensioners. 

COOK SHACK: Extension of roof, walls, front enclosed with a flap and zipper door. Cook shack provides a totally enclosed area for storage and cooking. Separate extension with 8-12 inch overlap of the tent roof. 
                                                                 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
WILDERNESS CANVAS IS ARMY DUCK- DOUBLE FILL. The highest quality canvas made. 

PURCHASING TENT FRAME ANGLE KITS and then purchasing 1 inch inside diameter, thin walled, electrical conduit at a local hardware store is the most economical approach to purchasing an internal frame.  Frame shipping charges are very high due.  Typical frame savings using an angle kit to make a 12x14 internal frame, including shipping, is $250. Only tool required is a metal cutting tool such as a hacksaw or pipe cutter or sawzall or chop saw etc. Basically, any tool you have that cuts  metal will work.
Click FRAME KIT tab at main menu bar at top of page for detailed information on making your own frame from steel conduit.

CANVAS TREATMENTS AVAILABLE. (1) Water and mildew only, marine grade/boatshrunk or  (2) FIRE, Water and mildew , marine grade/boatshrunk.
Fire, water, and mildew treated tent is the most popular tents we sell.
I tell customers that fire treatment is a form of insurance for your tent

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