Fly Advantages & Recommendations

 Fly and Floor Advantages & Purchase 

Provides another moisture barrier.
Protects  canvas roof from UV rays.
Helps keep the canvas roof clean.
Prevents sparks from burning holes in the canvas roof.
Insulation value.
Keeps tree pitch and tar off of roof.  You will need a harsh detergent to remove pitch and tar. Unfortunately, a harsh detergent destroys the water, mildew and fire treatment on your roof.  Then you will have leaks in the roof.
Fly overhangs side walls 1 foot and takes snow and water 1 foot away from your side walls.
Leaving a tent set up for an extended period of time.  Water can collect on the roof and is called an "eave trough".  Canvas should be very tight on frame if set up for extended periods of time and a fly used.  Fly should also be tight to avoid water in an eave trough.  Canvas saturated in water will rot and mildew regardless of water mildew protection applied.
I RECOMMEND YOU BUY A FLY or some type of very heavy duty poly tarp to protect your tent. Additionally, there are thousands and thousands of needle holes in your roof. Ordinarily,  needle holes will close up when dousing your tent with water to shrink the tent. However, sometimes there are needle holes that don't close up. It is best to buy a fly or heavy tarp so you don't have surprise leaks during hunting camp.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FLY when it rains your wet roof will be touching your internal frame.  Wherever something touches wet canvas there will eventually be moisture.  Consequently, your metal frame will have moisture on it.
EXTENDED FLYS are available that have an 8' extension to the front.

  • Call if you need assistance  or more information in purchasing a fly or floor for wall tents.