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Stoves Ship 2 - 3 Days after ordering.

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Stove Size 3 4 5
Dimensions 26x14x12 26x16x14 26x18x16
Firebox Size 2 CF 2.66 CF 3.42 CF
Burn Time
6-8 8-10 10-12
Tent Heating: 
0 Degrees:
10x12 16x20 18x23
Tent Heating:
-30 Degrees
8x10 14x16 16x20
Stove Only
51 lb 59 lb 66 lb
67 lb 75 lb 82 lb
79 lb 85 lb 95 lb
30" 32" 34"


  • Stove
  • Side shelf
  • Nesting pipe- starts at 5" and top of end pipe is 6"
  • Damper and rod
  • Rain Cap/Spark Arrestor (most other stoves only have a wire mesh spark arrestor) 


  • Standard Package PLUS...
  • Grate 
  • 3 gallon stainless steel water tank with spigot


NEW: The Wilderness and Yukon stoves now have a double top to help prevent warping. Only heavy duty stoves with this standard feature.   Double top will help prevent  stove top warping if a camper accidentally allows stove to burn red hot.


 If you are having trouble deciding on the tent stove size to purchase, it is normally best to go with the larger size.  If it is not too cold you can put less wood in the larger stove to heat your tent.  If the weather turns cold, you will have the capability to fill the larger stove with wood and be warm in your tent.  But, always do what is best for you and your budget.  Rich 

 Click DEMO and BLEMS to check if a blem or a demo is available.
ROUND CONSTRUCTION:  Much less likely to warp due to its round construction if you accidentally burn your stove red hot.

GASKET ON DOOR FOR AN AIRTIGHT STOVE. Airtight stove allows for longer burn times and controls rate of burn better.

Welded 12 heavy-gauge, hot rolled steel construction. Extra thickness prevents warping.

All stove accessories fit inside firebox except Yukon 3 water tank.

Warming tray - 25"L x 8"w, fits on either side. 


Round/cylinder design helps prevent warping.

1" reinforcement braces underneath stove top to insure stove top does not warp.

Rain cap with spark arrestor. 

Legs are 18" long.  6" longer legs than other stove company legs.  Legs are heavy round pipe with threads that screw into stove which helps level stove.

Large adjustable air intake on door. 

5" nesting stove pipe, 7' 8" long - smallest piece fits into next larger size, end of pipe is 6".

Stove pipe is long enough to have pipe about 1 foot above tent ridge to allow wind to blow sparks away from your tent. Most other camp wood stoves only have 6' 5" length of pipe.

A 5 1/2" standard oval stove jack will accommodate Yukon Camp Wood Stoves 5" nesting stove pipe.

GRATE is available in the deluxe package or can be purchased separately.  Grate is designed for stove when burning coal. Grate can also be used for burning wood as grate allows more air at the bottom of the wood creating a hotter fire.

STAINLESS STEEL 3 GALLON WATER TANK -- available in Deluxe package or can be purchased separately - can fit on either side of stove.

Quality door and adjustable latch designed for airtight firebox which allows for controlled burn.


All metal in a stove moves slightly when heated during normal use, that is just natural when metal is heated. However, it is not possible to warp the wilderness stove unless it is burned red hot. Some people open the stove air intake too much and accidentally get their stove red hot. All stove metal will warp when it becomes red hot.

When you receive your stove learn how to adjust your stove air intake properly based on the quality of wood used and the air intake opening to prevent your stove from turning red. If a stove warps it is because someone burned the stove red hot. I sell a thousand of these stoves annually and 1 or 2 customers per year will call and say their stove warped. THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR A WARPED STOVE.
Items shipped to an IDAHO address must pay Idaho sales tax.
CURING YOUR STOVE. You must cure your stove before you use it in your tent. Curing your stove means slowly heating the stove paint so it bonds to the stove. Instructions are at .
I am often asked the difference between the Yukon stove and the Wilderness Stove. I designed both stoves and both have exactly the same specs and options. The only difference is the Yukon is round and the Wilderness is square.
Benefits or advantages of each model. The Wilderness stoves have a slightly larger fire box than the Yukon.
The Yukon stoves are less likely to warp if you accidentally let your stove get red hot due to its cylinder design.
Both the Wilderness and the Yukon are great stoves. I use both stoves. Pick the stove you like best. The correct size of either stove will easily heat your tent. Rich

REDUCED PRICE options  listed below are only valid when shipped with the wilderness stove.  If you order these options without purchasing a Yukon stove you will be charged normal prices as listed under tent stove accessories.

Stove set up instructions are at tent set up info guide.

  If you receive a damaged stove, save the box and do not cure the stove.  Inform Wall Tent Shop so FEDEX can inspect the stove and box for reimbursement.  If you throw away the box or use the stove before FEDEX can view the stove, you will not receive a refund and no exchange is possible. Report stove damage due to FEDEX abuse during shipping within week or FEDEX will provide  no refund.  

Accessory and add to this order items only valid when ordered with a Yukon stove.

Stove jack opening in a wall,  you will need 5" straight pipe and 2 elbows which is an option above when ordering your stove.


We designed the Yukon wood burning tent stove and it is a quality stove.  I use both the Yukon and Wilderness stove.  Rich

The The Yukon 4 stove is 32% larger than the Yukon 3 model and only costs $50 more. The Yukon 4 tent stove will provide significantly more heat and will hold heat much longer than the Yukon 3. If you are unsure of which stove to purchase or like longer burning and more heating capability - the Yukon 5 is recommended. The Yukon 5 will burn all night with quality dry hard wood.


Very impressed with the Yukon.  Doug

I bought my Yukon stove from you because all the information you provided on your website.  I was a first time tent and stove buyer and all the information helped me cull out other stove models.  The Yukon kept us warm and happy during deer hunting.  Thanks again.  John

 I used my wilderness tent and Yukon stove during hunting season. I cannot believe how much heat the Yukon 5 puts out.  Thanks again for a great tent and stove.  No one provides customer service like Wall Tent Shop.  Greg

Top, top quality stove.  I really like how your Yukon standard package provided everything I needed.  Some other companies tried to charge me for a rain cap and also a spark arrestor.  As you know I didn't buy from those companies.  Thanks.  Leon

The Yukon stove is  frankly awesome.  It is so well built.  The water tank heats well, the faucet is solid.  Doesn't leak and is perfect for having warm water in the tent.  It is amazing how well the Yukon 5 heats my 16x20 tent.  I am very pleased with my Yukon stove purchase.   Thanks.Jerome

Yukon stove showed up today.  Looks great.  Going to break it in during the next few days to get it ready for hunting camp.  Thank you guys so much.  Anthony 

Yukon stove is great. Really well made. Ralph

 We received our Yukon 5 Tent Stove package.  We used it in our canvas tent and we never got cold. We would wake up in the morning and still have coals.  Didn't have to start a fire with paper and kindling like all of my other previous stoves.  A great benefit and saved time in the morning by going with the larger 5 model.  I had planned on cooking on my Coleman but thought I would try cooking on the wood camp stove.  Worked great and I saved propane!  Water Tank with warm water in the morning was greatly appreciated.  Tyler

 Just a quick note. I have had one of your Yukon 3 tent stoves for years and I love it.  Randy

 We love your 12 x 14 Wilderness tent.  Yukon 4  camp tent stove kept the tent so warm. Dave

 Just received my Yukon 5 stove.  Looks great.  Curing the stove paint went fine with your instructions. Half full of wood and a third opening on air intake kept the stove from getting too hot.  Can't wait to take it to hunting camp. Nicholas.

 We love our 12 x 14 wilderness tent, great for hunting.  Yukon 4 stove deluxe kept the tent so warm. Really like the hot water tank.  Phil

 Fast Service.  Ordered a Yukon stove on Wednesday and had a fire in it Friday night. Excellent service and a lot of helpful guidance by email and phone.  Couldn't be happier.  Joseph

 I really like your Yukon stove.  Wife loves it, great to cook on. She loves the warming shelf.  Great, great stove.  Everett

 Got the Yukon stove Friday.  Saturday had it going- works great.  I am really looking forward to hunting with the new tent wood stove.  Steve

 I am very happy with the Yukon tent stove I recently purchased.  It kept my tent warm all night in extreme conditions during a late season elk hunt with little or no stoking.  Excellent  Yukon stove!  Heat retention and radiation exceeded expectations.  Thank you.  Mark.

Last year I bought a Yukon 4 standard tent stove.  My hunting friend was so impressed with it during our moose hunt he wanted to buy it.  I don't know why but I sold it to him.  Now I would like to upgrade to the wilderness 4 deluxe model. Stanley

 Man, the Yukon is one great tent stove.  I have never seem one so well built and reinforced.  I don't think I will ever burn out the bottom like I did on my other ones.  Heat output is unbelievable.  Ronnie

 I recently purchased a Yukon 5 deluxe tent stove  for our elk hunting trip.  My friends were very impressed with it. Could not believe how efficiently it heated our wilderness 16 x 24 tent.  The hot water tank and kettle easily provided hot water for our shower and all the hot water we needed for cleaning the dishes.

 I want to thank you for your great service.  I ordered a stove and it arrived in only a week.  I did not expect it that soon.  I would be glad to give other customer references about your company and service. Mike