Tent Size Center Height Door Height Wall Height Water & Mildew Treated Weight - W/M Fire, Water, & Mildew Treated Weight - F/W/M
10x10 8'6" 6' 4' $825 73 lb $925 80 lb
12x12 8'6" 6' 4' $1000 92 lb $1100 104 lb
14x14 8'6" 6' 4' $1125 103 lb $1225 113 lb

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NEW.  Selkirk now has webbing in roof seams from top peak to sidewalls for extra reinforcement.  Selkirk, by far, is the strongest and most durable spike tent available.

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Available in  fire, water and mildew treated canvas and also water and mildew treated canvas.
FRAME POLES - Longest pole is 31"




 FLY IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: There are thousands of needle holes in your tent roof and occasionally a needle hole does not close when the tent is wetted down. The only way to insure your tent does not leak is to put a fly on your tent.

Do not place a fly on the tent allowing the fly to touch the side wall poles. Holes will be worn into your fly if fly is in contact with top of the side poles.

Always tie down the front and back fly ridge with rope provided.
These fly ridge ropes will make your fly taught, along with fly eave ropes, that will allow water to run off your taught fly easier.

When you receive your tent set it up and completely wet it down. Especially on the seams, both inside and outside seams on your tent. Wetting down your tent will cause the canvas to shrink and help close the thousands of needle holes in your tent.


Extends 6 feet to the front, on door end nearest stove jack.

Extended fly supported by 6' pole in center of fly with side poles entire length of side walls.

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.


CLICK Spike Tent Only: frame, sewn in floor 

CLICK Spike Tent Package: Spike tent, frame, sewn in floor, fly, STOVE

More roof support with 3 roof  poles. 

NEW.  Selkirk now has webbing in roof seams from top peak to sidewalls for extra reinforcement.  Selkirk, by far, is the strongest and most durable spike tent available.

Totally bug and varmint proof with its sewn-in floor and upside down T-zippers. 

Sewn in floor.  18 oz.  50% heavier floor. Other spike tents normally have a 10 oz or a 12 oz.

Tub design, no seams touch the ground.  

Floors have no cut out or zipper area.  

Army Duck, Double Fill Canvas.  The highest quality canvas made.

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10 x 10, 12 x 12 & 14 x 14 in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

Click Spike Tent Set Up to view the set up instructions.

Recommend you read TENT SET UP LOCATIONS before you set up your tent to avoid wind issues that can destroy your tent.


Thanks for the great job your team did on the Selkirk spike tent we purchased.  We have and will continue to recommend your tents to all our friends.  Looking forward to sending you more pictures.  Avery
The Selkirk tent has surpassed my expectations.  We have a 12 oz marine grade boat shrunk tent and I was a little worried that this one might not compare to it.  Boy was I wrong.  The Selkirk is well made and the fly fits perfectly. We are totally waterproof. Jeb
I know a guy who ordered your Selkirk and he really likes it.  I looked at it and was very impressed with the design and quality.  Now I want the same tent, 12x12 fire water mildew treated with screen doors and a fly.  Noah
I want to compliment Wall Tent Shop on your Selkirk.  A lot of thought and workmanship went into this quality tent.  Thanks again for all your advice.  This tent will provide many years of hunting and camping.  Lew
I looked at many spike tents on the internet over the last couple of months before purchasing your Selkirk tent.  The Selkirk has the best design of any spike tent I have ever seen.  And the best part, your prices are terrific.  Harry
I am considering purchasing a tent and know next to nothing about them.  I have only seen pictures and heard stories told by family members and friends who hunt.  When I asked around your company name came up time and again from people I know and respect.  Your the company I want to deal with because of your reputation.  I need your recommendations on your quality Selkirk tent my family members own.  

Watch our video on how to set up our Spike Tent with 3 people.

Another video showing Spike Tent set up with only 1 person.