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Setting-Up Your Wall Tent Stove

How to Set-Up You Wilderness or Yukon Wall Tent Stove


Inventory you stove parts to ensure your package is complete.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Yukon or Wilderness Tent Stove.
  • Side Shelf.
  • Rain Cap / Spark Arrestor — Helps prevent sparks from landing on your tent.
  • Four Sections of Nesting Pipe — Each pipe sections fits inside another pipe.
  • Damper — Controls rate of stove pipe hot air going up the stove pipe.

Deluxe Package Includes:

  • All Standard Package Items.
  • 3 Gallon Water Tank.

Stove pipe assembly instructions for individuals who will experience high winds during their hunting or camping trip.

  • If you are familiar with a stove pipe damper, practice taking apart and installing in smallest pipe, then remove.
  • Connect all stove pipes together on a flat surface, smallest to largest.
  • Put 3 each #6 or #8 sheet metal screws in each stove pipe joint. If you will take apart, for easier transport and storage, scratch a mark across each connected pipe section to help quickly align pipe sections during future assembly.
  • Use same procedure for connecting screws in remaining pipe section 2 to pipe section 3 and pipe section 3 to pipe section 4.
  • Install Damper.
  • Install rain cap / spark arrestor.
  • Slide all 4 sections of pipe diagonally through stove jack opening to the inside.
  • Insert pipe into stove
  • If in extreme windy conditions, attach a wire to the damper and attach to side shelf mounting holes on opposite side of shelf.
  • Assembly
    • Remove stove from box and remove all items from within firebox.
    • Screw on all 4 adjustable legs and set stove upright.
    • To Install Nesting Pipe: Remove inner most pipe section (will have damper holes) and place in stove pipe opening.  Proceed to remove each inner section of pipe and stack on top of section previously inserted.
    • To Install Straight Pipe: Remove pipe section with damper holes and snap together at the seam.  This will be the first section inserted into the stove.  Proceed to snap other pieces together and place accordingly in conjunction with your adjustable elbows.
    • To Install Damper: Remove damper rod from damper plate. Insert damper plate into the section of pipe with damper holes.  Proceed to slide damper rod through damper plate.  The objective is to get the bend on the damper rod past the first arch on the damper plate.  This will require you to twist the damper rod as you push it through the plate.  Once the bend on the damper rod is pressed securely against the arch on your damper plate and the spring on the damper rod is compressed, your damper has been installed.