canvas tents

Allows you to use your stove inside your house, garage, or any structure with a window.

Kit comes with the 5" wall plate, one 5" elbow for the stove, and one 6" elbow for the top of your stove pipe to keep wind from blowing down back in.

This kit includes the window wall plate, 1- 5" elbow, and 1- 6" elbow.  This kit is designed to be used with 5" - 6" nesting pipe.  If you plan on using another type of pipe, let us know and we can accomodate.

Wall Plate:
16x16 galvanized 24 GA sheet metal plate with oval hole in center cut.  Cut a 14x14" square hole in wall and mount plate with screws (included) on outside of wall. For single layer walls only. Can be used in a window if screen is replaced with plywood.

Made of heavy duty 26 GA galvanized sheet metal. Adjusts from straight to 90 degree. Usually works best to put elbow right on stove at about 45 degree angle.