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Riley tent pellet stove will be shipped 1 - 3 business days after payment.

Riley tent pellet stove is the perfect answer for any person spending time in a hunting camp, calving/lambing shed, on cold weather excursions to a remote cabin or for operating in an area low in natural fuels. Canvas tent pellet stove is economical and easy to use. The Riley is a non electric pellet stove. This is a tried and proved non electric pellet stove that is guaranteed to work properly.

  • City Slicker
  • Dimensions: 15" wide x 27-1/2" long x 13-1/2" deep
  • Tent Heating Size: 16x24
  • Burns: Pellet Only
  • Stove Pipe: 4 - 5" x 24"
  • Burn Time with 40 lb sack of pellets: 7 - 8 hours
  • Pellet Hopper Burn Time: 3 - 4 Hours
  • Weight: 42 lb
  • Bullet
  • Dimensions: 11" wide x 23-1/2" long x 13-1/2" deep
  • Tent Heating Size: 14x16
  • Burns: Pellet or Wood
  • Stove Pipe: 4 - 5" x 24"
  • Burn Time with 40 lb sack of pellets: 7 - 8 hours
  • Pellet Hopper Burn Time: 3 - 4 Hours
  • Weight: 39 lb
  • Wrangler
  • Dimensions: 16" wide x 26" long x 13" deep
  • Tent Heating Size: 16x24
  • Burns: Pellet Only
  • Stove Pipe: 4 - 5" x 24"
  • Burn Time with 40 lb sack of pellets: 7 - 8 hours
  • Pellet Hopper Burn Time: 3 - 4 Hours
  • Weight: 48 lb
  1. The City Slicker Riley pellet stove burns only pellets.
  2. The Wrangler and Bullet wall tent pellet stoves burn either wood or pellets -- providing increased flexibility when camping.
  3. If you plan on burning pellets only, the City Slicker is your best option for a canvas tent pellet stove as they provide the most heat and are less expensive than most. However, you do lose the flexibility of burning wood.
  4. Riley pellet stoves operates without the restrictions of conventional pellet stoves, they do not require electricity to operate. The burner unit is gravity fed and has an effective design that allows it to generate its own air flow. Besides being practical, these features make it ideal for an emergency heat source during power outages or for emergency services operations.
  5. As with all Riley stoves, the wall tent pellet stoves are lightweight, has an airtight design, and has the capability to store all its accessories (pellet burner, smoke pipe and legs) inside the fire box.
  6. Riley stoves are constructed from galvanized steel and come with a patented air cooled bottom that is almost impossible to burn through. They are manageable, packable and easily transported from one location to another. Additional wood burning riley stoves are available.
  7. All tent pellet stoves have an air intake adjustment on door.
  8. Adjust heat by adjusting pellet flow lever.
  9. Pellet burner slides in with clip fastener. Slide door covers pellet burner hole when pellet burner is not used.
  10. It takes only one minute to convert to a wood burning stove by removing burner.
  11. Spark arrestor and damper should not be used on a stove burning pellets.
  12. When burning pellets, no spark arrestor is required as there are no sparks.
  13. Riley pellet stoves provide consistent even heat, it is every camp cook's dream. The stove will provide up to 8 hours of even heat on a 40 lb sack of pellets.
  14. Hopper holds approximately 20 lbs of pellets. Normal burn time is 4 hours.
  15. Pellet burner allows ash to fall into stove. Good pellets makes about 2 cups of ash per pellet bag.
  16. Pellet burner is approximately 2" above bottom of stove to avoid quick ash build-up on the burner.
  17. The Bullet and Wrangler will burn either pellets or wood. You do not need a damper for the pellet stoves as they need all the air they can get. A damper is recommended if you are going to use wood.
  18. Three year guarantee on each Riley stove.
  19. Riley pellet stoves work best at 8,000 feet altitude or below. Trying to use a pellet stove much above 8,000 is not possible. There is one half the oxygen at 10,000 feet vs sea level.
  20. Riley stoves used by outfitters canvas tent camping for many years.
  21. Riley stoves has gained respect for its longevity and durability.
  22. Used and approved by the U.S. Forest Service.
  23. 12" legs come standard with the stove.
  24. Galvanized steel construction 18-22 gauge.
  25. All stress and wear points 18 gauge. The door and legs are 18 gauge.
  26. Non-electric pellet stoves have double walls for longer burning time and extra strength.
  27. Riley stove with its double walls and double bottom is a high quality lightweight stove.
    • Clean burner once a day or every other day.
    • Use high quality premium pellets as they work best. Most premium pellets are made from hardwood and burn cleaner, longer and hotter in tent pellet stoves.
    • Insure that your stove pipe extends past tent ridge to provide a good draft.
    • When burning pellets keep tent pellet stove door air input totally closed.