canvas tents
FRAME SIZE # of Rafters Weight
8x10 $895 (3 Rafters) 50 lb
10x12 $955 (3 Rafters) 67 lb
10x14 $965 (3 Rafters) 69 lb
12x14 $995 (3 Rafters) 71 lb
12x14 $1085 (4 Rafters) 80 lb
12x17 $1155 (4 Rafters) 89 lb
14x17 $1290 (4 Rafters) 91 lb
14x20 $1320 (4 Rafters) 96 lb
14x20 $1420 (5 Rafters) 100 lb
16x20 $1390 (4 Rafters) 98 lb
16x20 $1490 (5 Rafters) 108 lb
16x23 $1580 (5 Rafters) 136 lb
16x23 $1700 (6 Rafters) 144 lb
18x23 $1600 (5 Rafters) 140 lb
18x23 $1740 (6 Rafters) 150 lb


You must provide tent measurements as each frame is custom made to fit a specific tent.

CALL TO ORDER A CUSTOM FRAME for an unusual size of tent or if additional rafters are required.

Click angle kit instructions for info on how to measure tent measurements A, B, C, D as required above. Write A, B, C, D measurements in box above.

Montana Canvas aluminum frame legs are not initially perfectly vertical.  Once the weight of the tent is on the roof rafters the legs go to the vertical.

Popular Montana Canvas frames can be used with a tent you may already own. The frame design drastically reduces the set-up time and enables one person to do the job alone. Constructed of a rugged, lightweight hardened aluminum, these tent frames are built to endure a lifetime.