Buck Bull Griz
Tent Heating 12x14 16x20 16x24
Size 18"L x 14"w x 13.5"h 25"L x 14"w x 13.5"h 25"L x 16"w x 15.5"h
Stove Height 27.75" 27.75" 27.75"
Holds Heat 4-5 Hours 5-6 Hours 6-8 Hours
Weight 46 lbs 58 lbs 69 lbs
Stove Pipe (4 sections, 5"x2') 5" 5" 5"
Standard Package (stove, pipe, damper, shelf, spark arrestor) $500 $550 $580
Deluxe Package (water tank, stove, pipe, damper, shelf, spark arrestor) $685 $715
    1. Three sizes - Buck heats up to a 12x14 tent. Bull heats up to a 16x20. Griz heats up to a 16x24 tent.
    2. Tent stove door, top, ends and deck 1/8 " steel - extra thickness eliminates possibility of warpage.
    3. Sides and bottom 3/32 " steel. Stove pipe and legs, fit inside firebox.
    4. Stove pipe snaps together and apart very easily. Pipe is stored is stove when snapped apart in half moon shape.
    5. All Camp wood burning stoves painted with high temperature black stove paint.
    6. Legs are 1/2 "diameter threaded pipe, screws into couplers that are welded to the tent stove. Allows for easy leveling.
    7. Legs are 14" long.
    8. Quality door design and latch designed to make an airtight firebox. Door hinge rod is stainless steel to prevent rusting.
    9. Air intake adjustment on door with slide handle.
    10. 5" diameter straight stove pipe on all stove models.
    11. Spark arrestor is screen mesh.
    12. Accessory and add to this order items only valid when ordered with a stove.


  • The Idaho Wood Burning Camp Stove is a top quality stove.
  • The Idaho Bull is 40% larger than the Buck model and only costs an additional $35.00. The Bull tent stove will provide significantly more heat and will hold heat much longer than the Buck. If you are unsure of which stove to purchase or like longer burning and more heating capability the Bull model is recommended. If you want a really big stove- the Griz is it.
  • The Idaho wood burning camp stoves will last a lifetime with proper care and use and is highly recommended.