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Ellis Collapsible Stove


Dimensions of Firebox Open: 11" x 14" x 23"

Dimensions of Firebox Folded: 1.5" x 14" x 23"

Stove Pipe: 4" to 5" Nesting Pipe - 5 x 20" Sections

Material - 20 Gauge Steel

Burn Time: 4 - 6 Hours

Total Weight: 32 lbs

Package Includes: Stove, Pipe, Damper, & Wire Mesh Spark Arrestor

The fire box is constructed of 20 gauge cold rolled steel and will burn wood or coal. Legs are constructed with 3/16 inch by 1/2 inch steel.

The stove pipe consists of 5 joints 20 inches long, constructed of 26 gauge cold rolled steel. 4 inch pipe opening at the stove and  a 5 inch opening at top of last stove pipe . 

The pipe pieces nest together for ease of packing. Each pipe fits inside another pipe so space wise you are packing one section of pipe. 

Total weight is 32 Pounds Including stove pipe. 

The stove is broken down by removing 2 pins and folding the back & front of the stove in under the bottom of the fire box. The two sides of the stove fold in like an accordion allowing the top to rest on the bottom of the stove. The legs fold as the front & back of the stove are being folded. 

Takes about 15 seconds to assemble or disassemble this portable wood stove.

Ellis stove has three key features: 
1. Lightweight stove but strong enough to withstand many years of rugged use hunting and camping. 
2. This collapsible stove can break down and set up quickly without extra parts to lose. 
3. Small in size but able to produce enough heat for up to a 12x14 wall tent.

Ellis stove is a great collapsible wood burning stove. Ellis has a very strong record with outfitters and sportsman. Lightweight but very tough.

Quality is never compromised and each portable wood stove is hand built one at a time. 10 years perfecting this stove to be the best product out there for portability, ease of use, and warmth. 

Ellis wood portable stove will produce an incredible amount of heat for a small stove and takes only seconds to set up or tear down.

Click the video play button TWICE in order to see just how quick and easy setting up this stove is!