canvas tents



Aluminum frame has aluminum angles and steel sleeves for rafters.  Frames 12' wide and larger will feature 2 piece rafters.

Aluminum pole outside diameter is 1 1/8".  Aluminum poles have approximately 25% less strength than steel poles.

 Frame Size Steel - Weight Aluminum - Weight
8x10 - 3 Rafter 71 lb 41 lb
10x12 - 3 Rafter 79 lb 45 lb
12x14 - 4 Rafter 110 lb 61 lb
14x16 - 4 Rafter 115 lb
66 lb
16x20 - 5 Rafter 147 lb 85 lb
16x24 - 6 Rafter 178 lb 104 lb


Be advised that frames that use cables are much weaker than normal frames.  Cables are only used on frames that are not strong.  Frames that have 3/4 " conduit or thin walled aluminum frames normally have cables. 3/4 " Conduit  frame has approximately 1/3 less strength than a 1" conduit frame. 3/4" conduit frames normally require more rafters due to 3/4" conduit not being as strong as 1" conduit.


 8 x 10:     3 RAFTERS
10 x12:     3 RAFTERS
12 x 14:    4 RAFTERS ( 3 rafters not recommended as it has only one middle rafter  in the middle supporting 14 feet)
14 x 16:    4 RAFTERS
16 x 20:    5 RAFTERS
16 x 24:    6 RAFTERS 

Tent frame price is based off a tent with a 5' or shorter sidewall.

THE FRAME IS DESIGNED NOT TO FIT TIGHT ON YOUR FRAME TO ALLOW FOR TENT CANVAS SHRINKAGE. All tent canvas will shrink 1-3 % after it becomes wet.

If you want your tent to have a tighter tent on the frame, set your tent up and spray it down with water inside and out, especially on the seams. The seams have small needle holes which will close when sprayed with water.

If you are not concerned about a slightly loose tent, the tent will naturally shrink overtime as a result of dew and condensation.

Never have a tight tent on a frame. When a tent is  tight on a frame there is tremendous pressure on the seams and zippers. Eventually the seams will loosen or tear. A tight zipper will fail. Same process as when a person wears extremely skin tight jeans.

Wilderness frame includes:  

1 angle bag.

Frames cannot be returned or refunded as each frame is made for a specific tent.

If you want to save money on your frame,  purchase an angle kit to make your frame out of conduit which will normally save you $200 to $400 depending on what tent size you purchase.

However, if you don't want to make a conduit frame or don't have the time,  we will make the frame for you. We will ship the frame in 2-3 days.  Any questions on how to make a frame from conduit,  view angle kit instructions. Also, call us if you have questions.  Rich

Tent sizes and minimum rafters per size of tent are listed in pricing chart.  Rafters per tent size are the minimum required to insure proper roof support.

IF YOU HAVE A USED WILDERNESS TENT OR MONTANA TENT OR OTHER TENT BRAND, Click angle kit instructions for info on how to measure tent measurements A, B, C, D as required above. Call with your measurements to order a frame.

 Made of 1 1/8" outside diameter galvanized steel conduit. 1 inch inside diameter.

 One person set up, no pins, bolts or clips.

Snow loads.  Canvas tents are not designed for heavy snow loads like a wooden structure.  Houses have rafters every 2 feet to carry the  snow weight on the roof.  If you plan on leaving your tent set up during winter you need to have at a minimum rafters every 2 feet. 

Even with tent rafters every 2 feet it is still possible your roof will cave in during heavy snow loads.



A 10" coupler will be used for 2 piece rafters on 12 x 14, 14 x 16, 16 x 20 and 16 x 24 tents.

8 x 10 and 10 x 12 tents will have 1 piece rafters.