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Spike Tent Features

Single Person Set-Up

Multiple Person Set-Up

States that require Fire Treated Canvas Tents: CA, LA, MI, MA, MN, NJ and NY.

 Tent Size Center Height
Door Height
Wall Height Weight - Water/Mildew Weight - Fire/Water/Mildew
10x10 8'6" 6' 4' 77 lb 87 lb
12x12 8'6" 6' 4' 98 lb 108 lb
14x14 8'6" 6' 4' 111 lb 121 lb
Selkirk Spike Tent Package Includes:
Spike Tent
Frame- Longest pole is 31"

Complete Sewn-In Floor

2 Side Windows

Front and Back Doors (Option to add screens to both doors)

Tent Bag

200' of rope and 20 metal tensioners.
More roof support with 3 roof poles. One pole in the center and one pole at front & back doors.  Provides  much more headroom space with more useable floor space.
ROOF SEAMS REINFORCED WITH WEBBING FOR EXTRA STRENGTH.No other spike tent has webbing on the roof seams.  Selkirk by far, is the strongest and most durable tent on the market.
Totally bug and varmint proof with its sewn-in floor and upside down T zippers.
Sewn in floor. 18 oz. Competitor floors are usually 10-12 oz.

Tub design, no seams touch the ground. Prevents water leaks.

Floors have no cut out or zipper area. Insects and varmints come through a cut out or a zipper area.

Front & Back Doors. Ease of set up and emergency exit needed in a tent with a sewn in floor.

Army Duck, Double Fill Canvas. The highest quality canvas made.
Front & Back Screen Doors Option.  Entire width of spike tent providing great ventilation. 
Recommend you read TENT SET UP LOCATIONS before you set up your tent to avoid wind issues that can destroy your tent.

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.


Fly's extend the life expectancy of your tent. Also, there are thousands of

needle holes in your tent and occasionally a needle hole does not close when the tent is wetted down. The only way to insure your tent does not leak is to put a fly on your tent.
Do not place a fly on the tent allowing the fly to touch the side wall poles.  Holes will be worn into your fly if fly is in contact with top of the side poles.
Always tie down the front and back fly ridge with rope provided. These fly ridge ropes will make your fly taught, along with  fly eave ropes, that will allow water to run off your taught fly easier.
It is best to use your fly ridge ropes to connect to grommets on each ridge end of the fly to pull the fly taught so rain easily runs off the fly.
EVERY MONTH WE GET CALLS FROM CUSTOMERS WHO BUY A FLY AFTER USING THEIR TENT. Normally customers have spark holes in their tent roof. Or dirt, pitch and tar on their roof that won't come off. A fly is strongly recommend at the time of purchase to avoid possible roof issues. And most importantly, a fly will extend the life expectancy of your tent. Rich

Significantly increases life of tent by protecting roof. The roof is the first part of a tent that normally fails.

Prevents stove spark burn holes in roof. It is much easier and cheaper to replace a fly, if necessary, than a tent.

Provides another moisture barrier to prevent leaks.

Protects the cotton canvas from UV rays. Put a cotton shirt outside during the summer and see how UV rays destroys the cotton.

Keeps roof clean. When camping under a tree, a tree rains down dirt during rain storms.

Prevents pitch and tar getting on the roof. Removing tree pitch and tar requires a harsh detergent which destroys the roof water, mildew and fire treatment. Then you will have leaks in your roof.

Fly provides 1 foot overhang on each side of the tent b forcing water and snow 1 foot away from side walls.

Water and snow slides off fly quicker than canvas roof as the fly is completely smooth. Helps prevent snow build up.

Provides some insulation value when there is an air gap between fly and roof.

 Extends 6 feet to the front, on door end nearest stove jack.
Extended fly supported by 6' pole in center of fly and side poles.

Rebar stakes. Heavy duty to insure your tent does not blow away in high winds. Remember, your tent is just a large sail if it not staked securely to the ground.

Fire Mat. Fire proof mat for under your stove. Always have a fire proof material under a stove when using a floor in any tent.
Screen door covers entire end of tent to provide more ventilation.  Many other spike tents offered on the internet have only a 5-6' wide screen door.


All Selkirk CANVAS DOORS have an inverted T zipper which makes the Selkirk totally bug proof when the canvas door is zipped.
All Selkirk SCREEN DOORS have an inverted T screen zipper.  Which means the screen door is totally bug proof also when screens are in use.  

Received my Selkirk spike tent and couldn't believe it could be as good as your video showed. It is better. Thanks for a great tent. Greg

Just wanted to let you guys know I bought the 10x10 Selkirk spike tent about a month ago. Great spike tent. Douglas

I just wanted to say how much I like your Selkirk tent. Anthony

Selkirk is a great looking tent. Top quality and a great design. I really like all the extra reinforcement on the ridge. Webbing and D rings on the eaves makes this tent super strong. Can't wait to take my Selkirk hunting this Fall. Thanks. Junior
Wall Tent Shop has a very good reputation. My friend bought a 14x14 fire treated Selkirk spike tent and he loves it. So do I. I want to buy one. Dick
Spike tent package was a great recommendation to me. We had everything we needed. The Yukon 4 heated the Selkirk 12 x 12 very easily and we stayed warm in our cold fall hunt. Thanks again. Will
Great customer service. We love our tent. Your staff was so helpful in explaining the Selkirk spike tent and offered their recommendations. Couldn't be happier. Randy
All in all this has been a great experience for me. I would recommend Wall Tent Shop and its products to anyone without reservation. Thanks, Rod
We love the 12 x12 spike tent. My son wants to buy a 14 x14. Thanks for a great tent. Evan
This spike tent seems incredible. We used it last weekend while participating in a barn raising on some property in the middle of nowhere. Thank you for everything and all your help. Cathy and Rick
Just received my spike tent and set it up. Great quality and workmanship. Couldn't be happier. Joe
Rich, I also am a businessman. Exceptional quality in your Selkirk. Equally impressed with your staff. Outstanding customer service. Thanks again. Dan
Many thanks for an excellent product and prompt service. I am very pleased with this purchase. I am going to have many vacations and hunting trips in the Selkirk. Now, I would like to order a fly and a wilderness 4 deluxe stove package. Cale
While hunting 3 or 4 people came over to look at our spike tent. They were very impressed, just like I am. I am sure you will be receiving orders from these hunters very soon. Ralph

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