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Wall Tents versus Alaknak Tents


ALAKNAK TENTS: I am often asked to compare an Alaknak tent with canvas wall tents.

The Alaknak tent is made from a synthetic material which does not breathe - which means condensation forms on the inside of your tent due to breathing , cooking, boiling water etc.

Canvas wall tents have tiny pores in the canvas which allows the condensation moisture to pass through the canvas. There should be no condensation in canvas wall tents.

I have never used an Alaknak so I can't provide a more detailed professional answer. However, I have many customers buy my walll tents and get rid of Alaknak tents for the following deficiencies (according to my customers)

1) Too many tent vent holes to reduce condensation inside a synthetic tent - can't keep the Alaknak warm.

2) If the vent holes are plugged with towels, condensation begins and in the morning you wake up in a "rain forest"

3) Alaknak does not have a ridge pole to create a sharp roof - Consequently snow has difficulty sliding off roof.

4) Snow builds up in the roof corners and roof sags.

5) Snow can blow through the vent holes.

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