canvas tents

Wall Tent Ridge Height

  • Canvas tent ridge heights can vary approximately 1 foot in different tent model sizes 12x14 and larger. The taller ridge height, with the sharper roof angle, helps rain flow off the roof quicker and snow to be removed from the roof easier.
  • The higher ridge height also provides more headroom inside the canvas tent especially along the sidewalls because the angle of the roof is sharper.
  • The major drawback to higher ridge height is that a canvas tent with a higher ridge is harder to heat. The higher the ridge, the more heat is at or near the ridge line. It is the same principle as if you were trying to heat a house with an 8' ceiling vs a 9' ceiling. This might be a major consideration if hunting in wilderness where no chain saws are allowed.
  • Another drawback is the higher ridge line canvas tent is a little more difficult to set up due to their increased height. It is just more difficult to lift the tent to the higher ridge and then unroll it.
  • Our Montana Tents have higher tent ridge heights than the Wilderness Canvas Tent from sizes 8x10 to 14 x 16. The 16 x 20 canvas tent by Montana and Wilderness both have approximately the same canvas tent ridge height.
  • Ridge height is just another factor in deciding which canvas tent is the best for you.
  • If you have any questions, as always, feel free to call us.