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Tent wood burning stove is available in 9 models.

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The first decision in buying your tent wood burning stove is to determine if you need a heavy stove which is very durable.  Or, a lightweight stove for easy set up and transporting.

Pellet stoves are also available for individuals where wood is not available or a person does not want to take the time to cut firewood.

The most efficient wood stoves and longest burning stoves have a gasket on the stove door making them airtight.  An airtight stove also allows you to regulate the burn speed better as the only air entering the stove is at the air intake opening.  Non gasket doors allows air into the stove around the door. 

The wilderness and Yukon stoves are airtight.

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Heavy stoves:

Wilderness, Yukon, Idaho and Cylinder.

Lightweight stoves:

Riley, Kni Co, Ellis

Pellet Stoves:

Clarry and Riley pellet Stoves