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Smoke Issues - Tent Stoves


REDUCE SMOKE ODOR IN YOUR HUNTING TENT:  To reduce smoke in your tent always open the stove door slowly with the damper wide open.  If you open the stove door quickly the smoke is drawn into the tent instead up the stove pipe.. 

DAMPER:  Damper must be in totally open position when starting a fire or opening the stove door. Failure to fully open the damper will cause smoke to billow out the stove door and stink up you and the tent with the smell of smoke.
 Extra precaution should be used when opening a door when you own a 4 dog stove. the baffle by its design restricts the flow of smoke up the stove pipe like a damper.
If you have a tent that is permeated with smoke, you and your clothes will have the distinct smell of smoke on you which will affect how close you can get to game before being smelled.
For damper installation view wilderness stove video.
WHEN STARTING A FIRE: Air intake on door should be fully open. Insure you place your paper, kindling and small wood as far back as possible to allow the fire and draft to start near as possible to the stove pipe opening in your stove.  Smoke/draft can possibly exit through your stove door air intake if you start the fire immediately next to the door.

SPARK ARRESTOR:  All spark arrestors will become clogged with ash and soot.  Remember to check your spark arrestor daily and clean spark arrestor as required, normally every 1-3 days.  Using soft wood and lower temperature stove burns will cause the spark arrestor to be clogged sooner.  A clogged spark arrestor will cause much smoke to escape from the stove door intake and in extreme cases, a stove pipe fire.


Remember, if you are having smoke issues in your tent, it is normally the damper in the closed position or the spark arrestor is clogged.  

RAIN CAP: Rain cap must be at least 4" above the top of stove pipe.  Otherwise the smoke can't escape from the stove pipe properly and you will have smoke coming out of the door air intake.

If you are at elevation above 5000 feet sometimes you will need to remove your rain cap to improve your draw.