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 Any quality hunting tent is sufficient for survivalists and preppers.   I have many customers who live in tents year round for various reasons in both the Wilderness and Montana Canvas models.  Both tents are heavy duty and high quality.

Whatever tent a prepper or survivalists purchases a fly should be mandatory.

 A fly greatly increases how long any type of  canvas tent will last. Fly prevents holes in roof caused by sparks coming from stove pipe, provides another moisture barrier which will make any tent totally waterproof, protects canvas from UV rays which deteriorates canvas quickly, keeps roof clean, insulation value between roof and fly, and keeps pitch and sap from landing on roof.  To remove pitch and sap from a roof a harsh detergent must be used which destroys the water, mildew and fire treatment.

There are several tent frame options available.  The most economical is purchasing an angle kit and making your frame from steel conduit available at all hardware stores.  Click frame kits on the main menu bar for more information. 

Please call if you have questions or just want to talk about tents in general to determine what tent or stove is best for you.