canvas tents

Packing In On A Pack Animal


Tip: Avoid rolling up canvas tents to use as a top pack, as they can easily shift to one side, creating an imbalanced load of 50-75 lbs. This imbalance can lead to accidents, especially in steep terrain. Instead, fold the canvas tents into a rectangle measuring 30-36" wide. Drape it over the pack saddle, ensuring it's even with each side of the wooden slats on the half breed. Secure the folded tent in a special tent bag or use manties to protect it while packing to your campsite.

For those opting for a lodgepole frame to save weight and space, here are some general recommendations:

  1. Choose a tent with a reinforced tent ridge and an extra layer of canvas to prevent damage when removing and smoothing branches along the lodgepole.
  2. When selecting poles, opt for those with minimal taper; a minimum diameter of four inches on the smaller end is preferable. Young lodgepole pine trees are ideal for this purpose.
  3. Use the strongest and smoothest pole for the ridge pole, as it undergoes the most stress and is challenging to replace if damaged.
  4. Lash poles together about 1 foot from the end with rope or secure them using pole spikes.
  5. For a secure "A" shape in the lodgepole frame, lay two poles on the ground on top of each other. Tie a rope tightly around both small ends about one foot from the top and then spread the poles to form an "A."
  6. If you plan to revisit the same campsite, consider caching the poles when breaking camp. Secure them against a tree to prevent rotting and weakening if left on the ground. Proper care can extend the lifespan of the poles, and tying them to a tree serves as a signal to other campers not to use them for firewood.