Longevity - Canvas Tent

Canvas Tent Longevity

Canvas Tents normally last 15-30 years depending upon on how well it is taken care of.

The main reasons canvas tents are ruined:

Putting the canvas tent away wet. Regardless of the water & mildew treatment on tents the canvas will get rot and mold if put away wet.

Holes in the canvas tent roof from stove sparks landing on the roof. Always use a fly to protect your roof.

UV deterioration. Canvas exposed to direct sunlight for lengthy periods will destroy canvas. Always use a fly.

Leaving a tent set up for extended periods of time. Water can collect on the roof in an "eave trough".  Canvas should be very tight on frame if set up for extended periods of time and a fly used.  Fly should also be tight to avoid water in an eave trough.  Canvas saturated in water will rot and mildew regardless of water mildew protection applied. There is mo warranty for eave rot.

Not securing tent properly in high winds.  A tent is just like a sail and will blow away if not roped and staked down properly. Use a minimum of 18" stakes in high winds for each eave grommet.  Also secure tent with rope and stakes at ridge grommets.