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Hunting Stoves

Carefully review the characteristics of each hunting stove you are considering, most importantly stove dimensions.

To effectively compare each stoves heating capability, multiply the stoves width x length x height to determine the total cubic inches, volume, of the firebox.

Deduct 15% of the total firebox cubic inches if the stove is round or an octagon. 

The size of the firebox determines the heating capability of the different stoves you are considering, not what a stove manufacturer states. 

All stove burn times are exaggerated by stove manufacturers.

It should be noted that stoves with airtight doors increases a stoves heating efficiency and control of burn. If you are in a climate with very cold conditions, you probably should consider moving up one wood heating stove size above the manufacturers tent size heating recommendation.  

Call us if you have any stove questions or you are having difficulty in deciding between two stoves.