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Canvas Tent Frames - Costs

Cost of Tent Frames

  • Metal frames are very expensive to ship. You might want to purchase an angle kit and make your own frame from 1" electrical metal conduit. You can purchase conduit at local hardware stores.
  • Most Tent frames cost $100 or more to ship.
  • You can normally make your frame from steel conduit in about an hour.
  • The only tools required to make the frame from conduit is a hack saw, or a pipe cutter, or an electrical saw is preferred.
  • Detailed angle kit instructions are under angle kit instructions.
  • Typical savings from making your own frame is $150 - $300 depending on the size of frame.
  • If you are horse or mule packing you can use ropes, lodge poles or trees near your tent to put up your tent.
Purchasing metal frames vary tremendously between companies and has to be a major consideration where you purchase your canvas tent.
If frame weight is a factor then you might want to consider an aluminum frame. Be advised, however, aluminum frames are approximately 50-75 % more than steel frames.
If you have any concerns about making a frame from an angle kit feel free to call and we will answer your questions.