canvas tents

Accessories for Canvas Tents

Canvas tent accessories inside your tent can make a more organized and comfortable camp.

Here are some of the tent accessories that I use and recommend:

Coat Racks - I personally use two of these racks to keep my clothes and gear organized. One rack is for my clothing, and the other one is for my hunting gear. I hang my hunting belt with a knife on it, my elk bugle, cow call, and cow elk urine sprayer, so that everything is easily accessible in the morning when I'm getting ready for the hunt.

Frame Bags - These are an excellent choice for storing and transporting your tent frame. They make packing up at the end of the trip much easier, and you'll know all the parts are there when you prep for your hunting trip the following year.

Fireproof Mat - Protect your tent floor with a fireproof mat placed under your stove. It's an essential accessory that can prevent accidents and keep your vinyl floor safe.

Don't settle for a disorganized and uncomfortable campsite. Check out our website's accessories section and find the canvas tent accessories that are perfect for you. Whether you're planning a hunting trip or a family camping vacation, these accessories can make a big difference. Order today and elevate your camping experience!