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The Cylinder Oven can be turned in any direction to your stove.

30 pounds. 

Fits 5" or 6" stove pipe.
You must specify your size of stove pipe when ordering.

Oven now has new round design. Inside oven box dimensions: 16" Long x 11" Diameter.

Outside dimensions: 20" Long x 14" diameter.
Can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees.

No oven legs required.

Oven comes with 9" x 11"cookie sheet and one 9" x 11"baking pan.

Slide damper on stove regulates temperature and smoke bypass damper on oven.

Precision 500 degree thermometer inside oven measures temperature.

Works with standard 5" or 6" pipe. Specify stove hole size when ordering.

11" section of pipe included to connect oven to stove.
Oven fits 24" above stove.

Pans and pipe fit inside stove.

20 gauge steel.

All oven items fit inside the oven box.
Stove has a turning handle on back of oven that connects to a blade that is used to remove creosote buildup.