5" Stove Pipe Wilderness 3 Wilderness 4 Wilderness 5
Tent Heating Capability (0 Degrees) 10x12 16x20 18x24
Tent Heating Capability (-30 Degrees) 8x10 14x16 16x20
Dimensions 26L x 12w x 12h 26L x 14w x 14h 26L x 16w x 16h
Size of Firebox/Stove 2.17 Cubic Feet

2.95 Cubic Feet

(36% Larger than W 3)

3.85 Cubic Feet

(31% Larger than W 4)

Burn Time 6-8 Hours 8-10 Hours 10-12 Hours
Weight 56 lbs 64 lbs 72 lbs
Height with Legs 30" 32" 34"
Standard Package: stove, pipe, rain cap/spark arrestor, damper, side shelf $325 $375 $430
Deluxe Package: water tank, grate + Std Package $410 $455 $510
Stove Only (No Accessories) $305 $355 $410

                                                                                                                       WOOD CAMPING STOVE- WILDERNESS

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SOME OPTIONS are at reduced prices and are only valid when shipped with the  wilderness stove.  If you order these options without purchasing a wilderness stove you will be charged normal prices as listed under tent stove accessories.

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FREE SHIPPING on all tent stoves.

Items shipped to an IDAHO address must pay Idaho sales tax.

Watch Video (click the video tab above) that explains the features and packages available.

Wilderness " 5 " wood camp stove is the largest and longest burning tent stove available on the internet.

If another stove maker states his stove will burn longer than the Wilderness 5, it is not true.  How long a stove burns is based on the size of the fire box. As stated earlier, the Wilderness 5 is the largest tent stove made so it will burn longer than any other stove, especially with the gasket on the door.

 If you want a stove that burns all night, the Wilderness 5 is the stove.

                                                                                                               STANDARD PACKAGE

  • Stove
  • Warming tray/shelf
  • Nesting pipe
  • Damper
  • Rain Cap/Spark Arrestor (most other stoves only have a wire mesh spark arrestor which allows rain and snow to go in the top of the stove pipe and then in your stove)

                                                                                                                     DELUXE PACKAGE

  • Standard Package PLUS...
  • Grate (most other stove deluxe packages do not have a grate)
  • 3 gallon stainless steel water tank


                                                                                                                       STOVE CHARACTERISTICS

12 gauge steel.

Gasket on door for an airtight stove. Controls rate of burn much better. Very few camp wood stoves have a door gasket.

Reinforcement bars welded to both sides, top and back to prevent warping.

All stove accessories fit inside firebox. 

Rain cap with spark arrestor. Prevents rain and snow going into stove pipe.  Much better than a cheap wire mesh spark arrestor provided on most stoves. Wire mesh design is much more prone to having clogged spark arrestor with smoke coming out your stove and does not have a rain cap with it.

Warming tray - 26"length  x  8"wide, which can fit on either side of stove.

Legs are 18" long. Which makes the stove top 6" higher than other stoves. Easier to cook on and easier to add wood. Also automatically gets your stove stove pipe 6" higher  above tent ridge than other stoves.

5" nesting stove pipe, 7' 8" long - smallest piece fits into next larger size, end of pipe is 6". 6" pipe opening at top of stove pipe allows better draft, especially at higher elevations. Stove pipe is long enough to have pipe about 1-2 feet above most tent ridges to allow wind to blow sparks away from your tent. Most other stoves only have 6' 6 " length of pipe vs our 7' 8".

Baffle plate behind air intake on door prevents any sparks from shooting out the air intake opening into the tent.

Large adjustable air intake on door allows a hotter fire when needed on cold nights. Baffle behind air intake on door prevents any sparks from shooting out the air intake opening into the tent.

Stainless steel 3 gallon water tank - Deluxe model can fit on either side of stove.

Grate, Deluxe Model. Grate  should be used for burning coal. Grate can also be used for burning wood as grate allows more air at the bottom of the wood creating a hotter fire.

A 5 1/2" standard oval stove jack will accommodate Wilderness Camp Wood Stoves 5" nesting stove pipe.

Nesting stove pipe with welded seam, eliminates smoke leakage.

Stove pipe opening is recessed to make packing in on horses easier.


None available.

                                                                                                                   GENERAL INFO:

WEAR GLOVES when assembling a stove. Sometimes there are sharp edges on the stove, pipe or water tank that can cut you.

 I use this stove. For the money and quality - there is no stove on the market that can compare to this quality camp wood stove.  Rich

CURING YOUR STOVE. You must cure your stove before you use it in your tent.  Curing your stove means slowly heating the stove paint so it bonds to the stove. Instructions are at http://www.walltentshop.com/pages/curing-a-tent-stove .

Occasionally FEDEX will damage a stove during shipment. If you receive a damaged stove, do not throw away box or use stove. FEDEX needs to look at box and stove for insurance claim. If you throw away box or cure stove FEDEX will not reimburse you for any damages. Report damages and provide pictures within 1 week of receipt of the stove. FEDEX will not reimburse unless damage is reported within 1 week.

  All stove metal will warp when it becomes red hot.  When you receive your stove learn how to adjust your stove air intake properly based on the quality of wood  used and the air intake opening to prevent  your stove from turning red hot.  We have welded support rods inside the stove to help prevent warpage.  Be advised there is no warranty for warping from misuse. 

Prices listed for accessories on Wilderness Stove page are only valid when ordered with a wilderness stove i.e., accessories such as a grate, water tank, stove pipe.

Stove jack opening in a wall - you will need 5" straight pipe and 2 elbows which is an option above when ordering your stove.

All metal in a stove moves slightly when heated during normal use, that is just natural when metal is heated.  However, it is not possible to warp the wilderness stove unless it is burned red hot. Some people open the stove air intake too much and accidentally get their stove red hot.  All stove metal will warp when it becomes red hot.

When you receive your stove learn how to adjust your stove air intake properly based on the quality of wood used and the air intake opening to prevent your stove from turning red.  The wilderness has top, bottom, sides, back end reinforcement bars to preclude warping during normal use.  If a stove warps it is because someone burned the stove red hot.  I sell a thousand of these stoves annually and 1 or 2 customers per year will call and say their stove warped. THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR A WARPED STOVE. 

                                                                                                                     SAFETY ISSUES: 

All spark arrestors will eventually become clogged with ash and soot.

Remember to check your spark arrestor daily and clean spark arrestor as required.  Clogged spark arrestors will cause your tent to fill up with smoke very quickly or cause a fire in your stove pipe.

IN LINE SPARK ARRESTOR can be installed at the top of the stove and cleaned 2-3 times daily by simply pulling out the screen and tapping out any ash or soot captured in the screen. Takes 15 seconds to clean. In line spark arrestor prevents you from daily taking down your entire stove pipe and cleaning the spark arrestor on top of the last section of pipe.

Rain Cap should be at least 4" above top stove pipe.  If you have the rain cap directly on top of the stove pipe the smoke has no way to escape. Therefore, you will have smoke coming out the air intake into your tent.

Fire Mat is strongly recommended if you have a tent floor.  Mat will protect floor from heat and also protect floor if embers fall out of stove when you open the door.

Using soft wood and lower temperature stove burns will cause the spark arrestor to be clogged sooner.  A clogged spark arrestor will cause smoke to escape from the stove door intake and when opening door. And in extreme cases, a stove pipe fire.


The wilderness stove is the best stove I have ever used.  It is so well built.  Extra support rods inside stove makes it so much stronger and prevents warping.  I like my wilderness 5 size.  Just like you said, when you don't have too cold of weather don't fill it full of wood.  When it is very cold, fill it to the max and let it roar. Thanks again.  Tom

 I have used many tent stoves.  I have never seen another stove so well built.  The amount of heat the Wilderness 5 puts out is fantastic. Harlan

The Wilderness 5 tent stove is the first stove we have ever had that didn't require me to get up during the night to add wood to keep us warm on cold nights. A good nights sleep in a warm tent is as good as it gets.  Thank you, Thank you. Charles.

Very impressed with your stove.  It is even better than the video.  You were right about the rain cap, very beneficial.  It rained all during our hunting trip.  Rain cap kept  a lot of rain from going down our stove pipe and into the stove. Rick  

 Rich,  I am glad you recommended the inline spark arrestor when I purchased my wilderness tent stove.  My old stove just had the spark arrestor on the top of the last section of pipe.  We only burn pine as that is what is available.  What a pain taking the stove pipe down every day to clean the top spark arrestor and then reassembling the pipe. Cleaning the inline spark arrestor is just so much quicker and easier.  Pulling the screen out on the inline spark arrestor 2-3 times a day is so much better, just like you said.  Especially when cleaning the screen only takes 15-30 seconds. Wilson

I bought the Wilderness 5 to heat my 16 x 24.  I researched many websites because I was concerned about making sure whatever stove I purchased could heat such a large tent. What you wrote explaining the size of the stove fire box determines how long and how hot a stove burns made sense to me.  The wilderness 5 kept my 16 x 24 nice and warm all night long!  Thanks a great stove.  Kelly

I have owned a lot of tent stoves over the last 40 years.  This is the only stove I have ever had that didn't burn out after a couple years as I use my stove continually during the winters heating my cabin.  George

Thanks for helping me get the larger wilderness stove.  It got very cold at night and I filled that sucker with wood all the way to the top.  We were warm and toasty until we went outside.  Barry

This is the best stove I have ever used. Sturdy and tough.  I really liked the 18" legs.  Other stoves only have 12" legs. I am getting too old to bend down too far.  The wilderness stove is 6" higher than other stoves. I like it.  Nate

Received the Wilderness 4 stove.   Very impressed with quality, weight and thickness of steel. You guys are great! Jon

I had a tough time deciding which stove to purchase with my wilderness 12 x 14  tent package.  You recommended the wilderness 4 stove.  I originally thought the wilderness 3 stove would be ok but took your recommendation.  The 4 heated my tent great.  The wilderness 3 would have been too small. Thanks for all your help in purchasing the tent package and the correct stove.  Anthony

I like how you designed the air intake.  Easy to adjust and let me crank it down when some nights were warm.  Billy