canvas tents


Price stated in video is no longer valid.  Video was made in 2015.

To use as heat shield, use wire ties to secure mat to the horizontal running frame pole directly behind stove.  The mat will protect the canvas wall nearest your stove.

To use as a stove mat, place mat about 6" behind back stove legs so approximately 1' of mat will be to the front of  the stove in case any hot embers fall out when the stove door is opened.

Always have a fire proof material under any stove when using a vinyl floor or carpet in your canvas wall tent.

Vinyl floors with a zipper stove area or floor cut out allows water, bugs, mice and critters to enter the tent through the floor opening.  It is best to have a continuous floor with a fire proof material under the stove to prevent water and critters in your canvas wall tent. 

REDUCTION IN PRICE when purchased with a Wilderness Wall Tent, Selkirk Spike Tent, Wilderness Stove, or Yukon Stove.