Tent Size

Peak Height Wall Height Tent Weight - 10oz Canvas Tent Weight - Blend

Tent Weight - Re-lite

Frame Weight Fly Weight Price
12 x 12 8'6" 4' 88 lb 63 lb 38 lb 12 lb 12 lb $1800

Montana Canvas spike tents available in either 10.1 oz canvas or re-lite, a synthetic light weight material or blend.


Available sizes: 12' x 12'


 12 x 12 is 4'



Tent, aluminum frame and fly with poles.


Zippered Door with Buckles
3 Windows
Front Screen Door with normal vertical zipper and horizontal zipper
Sewn-in Floor with normal vertical zipper and horizontal zipper
Aluminum Frame
Fly with Poles
Eave Ropes
Stove Jack 4 or 5 inches
Tent Bag
Relite tents are available tan.

Flys are made of relite.   A fly is strongly recommended especially if you purchase a relite spike tent.  Relite is synthetic and is not as spark resistant as canvas.  A spark landing on a relite tent roof will burn a hole through it easily.  It is better to have spark holes in the fly rather than trying to repair holes in a tent roof. If necessary, you can always buy another fly if you get burn holes in your fly.

To reduce sparks landing on a tent roof it is recommended you have an inline spark arrestor.  The inline spark arrestor is positioned at the stove top opening for the stove pipe and is approximately 8" high.  The inline spark arrestor will keep most of the ash and sparks from going up the stove pipe and onto your roof.  I still recommend you have a normal spark arrestor to further reduce the possibility of sparks landing on your roof or fly.

In line spark arrestor can be cleaned in 15-30 seconds. This quick cleaning capability makes camp life much more enjoyable.  With a normal spark arrestor you need to take the pipe sections down to clean the spark arrestor which is located on top of the last section of stove pipe.

The frame is great if weight is not a factor.  Frame makes set up quicker than making a center pole in the woods.  Frame also allows for a supported covered area using the fly.  View photos.

All warranty issues are handled  directly by the Montana Canvas Company.