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The Best Ways to Stay Safe on Your Hunt

At Wall Tent Shop, we love to hunt just as much as anyone. Spending a day in the woods with nature beats a day inside at the office, even if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re out in the mountains of Montana hunting elk or in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania trying to follow the trail of the whitetail deer you just shot, you need to be prepared for the worst to happen. In nature, danger can come at any time, so here are a few tips and tricks to keep you safe on the hunt.


On the hunt, clothing is all about function. Ensuring that your clothing is going to work for you, rather than against you, could mean the difference between finally getting that trophy buck or not being able to feel your toes on your walk back to the tent.


Layers, layers, layers — we cannot emphasize this enough. Layers are essential to keeping anyone safe on their outing during any time of the year.

If it’s wintertime, make sure to keep those layers heavy and substantial enough for the predicted weather for the day. If you’re spending your day in a tree stand or a ground blind, you’re not going to be moving much. Plan on dressing in more layers than you would if you were hiking around pushing game.

In the summer, make sure you account for the layers you might need in the evening should you find yourself out later than expected. Keep extra pairs of socks and underwear to keep your feet from getting blisters and to avoid fungal growth.


When you’re hunting, it is essential that you can identify yourself to other hunters at a distance so that there is no chance for unintentional harm. Make sure to wear fluorescent orange clothing to make yourself known. The benefit of wearing this color is two-fold. Should anything happen on your hunt that could leave you stranded, you will stick out to a search party and will be easier to find than someone wearing only camouflage.


Having a tent that is easy to identify at a distance and provides days worth of uncompromised shelter is one of the best things any hunter can do to be prepared for emergency situations.

We at Wall Tent Shop offer tents that act as a home away from home. With options for screen doors, stoves, and the highest quality canvas, you will be able to come home from a day out hunting to a tent that lets you unwind, recharge, and get ready for another day.

We are dedicated to our customers and want to ensure the best and most rejuvenating experience for hunters as they return from their days in the wild. Our tents are sure to keep you safe, dry, and warm; and if that doesn’t give you a good night’s sleep, we’re not sure what will. To learn more about our tents, continue browsing our website or give us a call today.