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Stay Warm and Dry: The Leading Canvas Winter Tents

Camping, hunting, and hiking can be fun any time of the year if you've planned your trip correctly.  If you've planned a nature excursion during the winter months, you need a tent that can withstand harsh conditions, work hard, and keep you warm -- and a canvas winter tent could be exactly what you need!

What Makes a Good Canvas Winter Tent?

A quality winter tent will do two things well:

1.  Provide shelter from the elements.

2.  Offer robust structure and craftsmanship

When you're looking to buy a cold weather tent online, Wall Tent Shop has the best product for your money.

We encourage everyone to think twice before going on a winter camping trip with a nylon tent.  While these tent can work, they don't have the structural integrity, ability to defend against the elements, or ability to house a stove.  Should you choose to place a stove inside a nylon tent, sparks could easily fly out and burn the roof.

Our Canvas Winter Tents

We have the best cold weather tents for sale online.  Our cold weather tent can withstand extreme temperature and high winds, and provide sound structure eve under the weight of snow.  Despite the strength of the canvas we use, we recommend using rafters to increase the overall integrity for your canvas winter tent.

If you're planning on leaving your cold weather camping tent up during the winter, we recommend that you place steel rafters every two feet and placing a fly over the roof.  The rafters will help the tent handle heavier snow loads, and the fly will allow for snow and water to run off more easily than off of a canvas roof, and will protect from sparks that may come from the stove.

Regardless of the type of tent you purchase, you must purchase a canvas winter tent that come equipped with a stove vent (stove jack).

Winter Tents with Wood Stoves: Staying Warm

Even though our canvas is durable enough to defend against harsh wind, you need a winter tent with a wood stove to keep you warm.  At Wall Tent Shop we offer 35 wall tent stoves in various sizes and models.  Many people have questions when it comes to picking the right stove for them.  Here are some FAQs about our winter tent stoves.

What stove is right for me?

When you're hunting or camping in cold weather tents, you need a stove that is specifically designed for the size of your tent and for your individual temperature requirements.  When choosing a stove, consider:

  • How cold your trip will be
  • The weight and size of a stove (for transportation)
  • Burn time requirements for night

One of our winter tents with a wood stove will keep you warm all night long.  It'll even dry out all of your clothes.  I normally recommend buying a stove that is one size larger than you predict needing.

How can I avoid starting a fire?

Don't put more wood in it than you need to keep warm.  If it ever get really cold when camping, you will be able to add more wood to stay warm and comfortable.

Never put a stove directly on top of a canvas or vinyl floor.  We recommend placing a fireproof mat under the stove when used in any canvas winter tent.  Additionally, you may add a fireproof heat shield to the side wall frame for extra fire protection.

Can my tent house a wood stove?

When you're purchasing a tent for winter camping or hunting, ensure you purchase a canvas winter tent that has a stove vent.  This will allow you to install a wood stove for heat.  Even if you don't anticipate using the stove often, making sure you have a tent that is set up for this type of use will enable you to go on these types of excursions later, should you change your mind.  It'll also be much easier to sell a canvas winter tent with a wood stove vent if you decide to give up camping in extreme weather.

Should I use a propane stove?

A propane stove is not as safe as a wood stove.  Every year, campers and hunters die in their sleep due to propane leaks.  In fact, owner of Wall Tent Shop, Rich Tuck, had his own run-in with using a propane stove years ago.  He woke up to a gas leak in the middle of the night, but, had he not, it is possible that he would not be here today.

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