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Hunting Tents That Will Give You 'Buck Fever'

When you're on the hunt, you need a hunting wall tent that can keep up with you and help you recharge so you can get going the next day.  At Wall Tent Shop, we have the best canvas tents for sale,  offering hunting tents for col weather that are the perfect place for you to return after hunting any type of game.  And the best part is that you can find canvas hunting tents from the luxury of your own home when you shop online here on our website.

Our Canvas Hunting Tents

We take pride in providing the best elk hunting tents online for sale at the lowest prices.  We do this by ordering Wilderness Tents -- our most popular hunting tents -- in bulk, which helps to significantly reduce the costs, making these tents the best bang for your buck (or do, whichever).

All of the Wilderness hunting wall tents we sell online are make from Army Duck Double Fill canvas (the highest quality canvas made) and are treated for water and mildew, though you can order them to be fire-treated as well.  We want to make it clear that when we say "water-treated", it does not mean "waterproof".  All canvas, should it become saturated enough, will leak.  Similarly, "fire-treated" tents are not "fireproof".  If there is a continuous heat source, they too, will burn.

Most of the Wilderness Canvas Hunting Tents for cold weather we have for sale are in stock and ready to ship.  There's no sales tax (excluding Idaho residents) and free shipping around the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).  If you are in need of a canvas hunting wall tent immediately, we ship Wilderness Tents, Wilderness Stoves, Yukon Stoves, and angle kits one business day after you place your order.

Deer or Elk Hunting Tent Features

Our Wilderness Hunting Tents with stoves are some of the best hunting tents on the market.  The Wilderness has more free standard features than any other tent, but it offered with a range of additional features that you can purchase to improve your hunting and camping experience with our elk or deer hunting tents.  Some features that could improve the overall quality of your tent are:

Flies: We recommend that everyone buys a fly (heavy-duty poly tarp) to protect their wall tent.  Canvas roofs, no matter their quality, have thousands of needle holes.  The holes close up when the canvas is shrunk, but, occasionally, they do not.  Having a fly can help work against leaks and cover holes that could lead to problems.

Best-In-Class Frame Angle Kits:

Our frame angle kits allow you to easily and inexpensively craft a frame for your wall tent.  When you purchase a frame angle kit for a 12' x 14' tent, you can save $250 compared to purchasing the entire frame outright.  If you purchase a frame angle kit for a 16' x 20' tent, you can save as much as $400.

To properly use our frame angle kits, but metal galvanized conduit tubing with a 1" diameter and cut to size.  This is the most inexpensive way to make your own wall tent frame.

Monthly Specials on Deer or Elk Hunting Tents

Our Wilderness deer or elk hunting tent is our best seller.  Because it's done so well for us and made so many of our customers happy, we've decided to offer five different monthly specials on our Wilderness elk or deer hunting tents.  Our Hunting Tent Specials are:

  • Tent Only
  • Tent and Angle Kit
  • Tent and Complete Frame
  • Tent, Fly, Stove, and Angle Kit
  • Tent, Fly, Stove, and Complete Frame

We offer a guarantee on all of our Wilderness canvas hunting tents as well: 2 years for workmanship and material.

Locking in Monthly Special Prices:

To lock-in our current monthly special prices for our hunting tents with stove or any other package, all you need to do is put 25% down and pay the balance within 6 months.  You don't need to set up a monthly payment plan, only pay the balance within 6 months.  We will ship your tent or package when it is paid in full.

Buy and Elk or Deer Hunting Tent Today!

When you're looking for a hunting tent for cold weather for sale online, you need to buy the best winter tent online.  Our customers have been loving our Wilderness elk canvas hunting tents for years, and we're sure you will too!

Want to purchase a hunting tent with a stove? You can buy Montana Canvas Tents online, right here on our website.  Take a look around and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and call us at 800 234 1150.  We're happy to help you at any stage you are in the tent-buying process!